The forecast yesterday said it was going to be cooler today. My iPhone told me it was 81 degrees, which is warm but comfortable. So imagine my surprise when I stepped out on the deck (bird-feeding and flowerbox watering time) and it was like walking into sauna. Not only was it really hot — closer to 99 than 81 — but so humid it was not good for breathing. Also, we’re full of smoke from fires in Canada. Some swell air quality!

I stayed out there exactly long enough to wash the seeds off the deck, water the flowers (there are only two flowerboxes and two individual plants), fill the feeders, and fill the water bowl. The Duke came with me. He woofed twice at squirrels that were already gone, then asked to go back inside.

Duke does not like heat. He doesn’t look as furry as he is. His coat is longer than short, but shorter than long. Kind of Border Collie. It’s thick and he sheds a lot. Since we are at the end of August and Fall is on the way, he’s starting to drop his coat. I have feeling this is going to be his first full shedding, so clipping him now was a sterling idea.

All of which reminded me to make that long-deferred appointment to get him clipped. Yesterday, he jumped on the sofa and shook. A blizzard of dog hair flew into the air and landed on everything. I’d been putting off grooming because it’s expensive, but if he goes into the winter with his coat like this, it will get nasty. It’s shearing time.

I went out this morning around 11. I did what I needed to do and went back in. I told Garry it was kind of hot, so he went to the back door, opened it, said: “Oh Jesus!” and came back in. “I don’t think we’d last long out THERE,” he said.

I have a date to get El Duque’s coat shaved off next Thursday. The only thing that’s worse than fall shedding is when that long coat gets clotted with snow and when he comes in from outside — most resembling a 40-lb. icy snow ball.

I do remember thinking all this stuff was cute — thirty years ago. I am a lot more tired now than I was back then.

Does anyone believe it’s about to turn September?

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  1. Our high today is supposed to be 100. Air quality is unhealthy and the skies are full of smoke from nearby wildfires. It’s a great time to be alive, isn’t it?


  2. I can’t. Where did the summer go? O_o It’s been hot here, very hot (100+) but then mid-August (used to be the hottest part of the summer) it fell to 56 degrees and only rose to 71 a couple of days. We got some of your gorgeous rain from back there too (blessings!) Now it’s back up to 100+. Good luck with El Duque. He’ll probably feel better after he’s sheared, even if he will be grumpy for a while because you subjected him to that… Have a better day Marilyn!


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