A Photo a Week Challenge: Props

The only group I know that are performing are friends who do audio performances — live. They only props they use are microphones and a dial telephone that has an old-fashioned ringing sound, into which they’ve put a mic to make voices sound like they did back when your call usually connected.

The old phone, endless cables, and Tom Curley
A profusion of prolific microphones – performance time!
Three actors performing. The guy in the back is doing sound effects

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  1. Just a short while ago I thought: I don’t see anything from their friends…. and here they are. Life must be challenging for everybody and I’m sure they couldn’t produce and stage any of their ‘talk shows’….


    • I’m pretty sure they went silent during lockdown. I don’t know if they are starting again. I think they are, but people are almost two years older and life has moved on, so they need to reorganize.

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