FOTD – August 29 – Petunias

I went out to a cool, soon-to-be-raining cool morning with a gray sky. The heat wave had broken. Not the humidity — and the smoke wasn’t evident today. I went out to take some in person pictures of our flowers. The birds got tired of waiting for me to leave and came back to eat and moved onto their favorite eating positions. It was funny. They could be tamed and I’m tempted, but I won’t. I don’t think taming them will do them any good in the lives they lead.

Petunias are the most reliable summer box flower. I grew them in Israel under burning near-tropical sun and I’m growing them here in New England. As long as they get sunshine and enough water, these are happy, healthy, sturdy flowers.

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  1. enjoy those pretty flowers marilyn! ❤


  2. They would be very happy in Switzerland this ‘summer’ – it never rained as much as these past months. i would like them better if they weren’t so terribly sticky, but beautiful they are.


    • They are definitely NOT flowers for cutting or displaying. The moment you cut them, they collapse. I mainly like that they are durable and keep flowering as long as there is sun and water. They are the most tolerant annual I’ve ever grown.

      We got more rain in June and July than any other June or July in 70 years of records. We really needed the rain after almost a decade of drought, but it made enjoying the summer a bit dicey.

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  3. Your petunias are beautiful, Marilyn. I agree with you about the birds. They shouldn’t be tamed.


    • It’s tempting, but I won’t do it. I know people who have tamed them — or at least some of them — but I not won’t be here forever. They need to be wild birds and remember how to fend for themselves. It is nice that they are getting used to me and don’t fly away the moment walk onto the deck.


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