Yesterday, Garry and I saw something new. It was really, truly something we’d never seen before and hopefully never see again.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

As we made our right turn onto Route 16 heading for the dog grooming place, I looked and there, on the sidewalk, was an older teenager riding his bike. On the sidewalk. It was not a fat, easy-to-manage bike, but a racing bike with turned under handles and all. Which are always tricky to manage in small, crowded areas and are not supposed — as is true with all bicycles be ridden on a sidewalk. You’d probably be amazed at how many people are injured and killed by bicycle accidents — mainly by being hit.

While he lurched and maneuvered randomly around the sidewalk with occasional dips into the busy road, I realized he had his cell phone stuck on one ear and was trying to ride his racing bike — on the sidewalk — next to the morning’s heavy traffic.

As Garry so well put it, “What could possibly go wrong?”

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  1. right! right? how terribly wrong can wrong go?


  2. Commonsense is not that common unfortunately. I’m not sure what the laws are regarding cycling and mobile phones but it ought to be the same as driving. Don’t do it! Riding on the footpath is extremely dangerous and selfish behaviour with or without the phone.


    • I think the whole of how cell phones are used, including walking, riding, driving — anything where the phone user is surrounded by others and his/her/their lack of awareness can cause serious harm to others, should be controlled. Some Asian and more European countries are making it illegal to TALK on a cell when you are on a sidewalk.

      It certainly should be VERY illegal on a bike! Good grief. If that’s not dangerous to everyone, I don’t know what is.

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  3. I have a Schwinn Super LeTour. It was and still is a great “touring bike.” I would not dream of riding it on the sidewalk. You’re right. They would be difficult to maneuver through a crowd.


    • Racing bikes are difficult to control in tight spaces. They aren’t meant to be ridden that way. But while clutching and talking on a CELL PHONE TOO?

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      • Racing bikes are for racing. They are difficult to control in traffic because they are meant for something else. If you do not race, there is no reason to have one. I have a touring bike which is also light, but the brakes are better, and the tires are a little wider. You can get them with the handle bars turned down which may be OK for going long distance. Mine are that way but I did long distance rides when I first owned it. I would not but one that way now.


  4. wow! thats so crazy! He’ll be sorry he did that!


    • Wait. Soon he’ll start drinking or (and?) smoking dope. We may not have any decent restaurants, but we have quite a few very classy cannabis dispensaries nearby. There really need to be laws against phones being used when places are crowded. A lot of places in Europe have banned WALKING while using a cell phone because people wander in front of moving cars, knock other people down, fall into sewer holes. I don’t know when paying attention to what’s going on NOW went out of style, but it needs to come back.

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