How fare the flowers? How do we, ourselves, fare?

Suddenly, it’s September. The weather is cool, dry, sunny, and comfortable. If it stays this way, I think this could be an epically glorious autumn. We need a glorious Autumn since I’m wondering how much longer we are going to survive as a species on planet Earth.

We are not — on a planetary level — doing anything to fix what is wrong. Not even the basic cleanups to roads and rivers. We have made recycling mandatory, but failed to create facilities where recycled materials can be turned into new items, so they are actually just more trash. We aren’t cleaning up the oceans. States — including places like Australia — are more concerned with the damage to their economy than the damage to their air and ability to breath.

Are we even smart enough as a species to find even a “strongman” dictator who will tackle the climate and force the oil and gas conglomerates to recognize their day is done, their dominance finished?

Saved fuchsia!

Maybe we aren’t even bright enough to find a desperation solution. It’s possible. I didn’t honestly think we could be as stupid as we are, but it appears all my worse fears were nearly bad enough. Hell, I didn’t think we were stupid enough to elect Trump. I knew we might, but I was sure people would come to their senses before it happened.

Nope. It happened. It made everything worse. The fact that he was elected at all has destroyed a lot of what made us a unique nation and the current dominance of our moronic Republicans in setting laws is absolutely terrifying to anyone who actually cares what happens to us.

We ARE the people.

FOTD – September 4 – Garden

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3 replies

  1. true words spoken!


  2. I am scared by the lack of proactive change too, Marilyn. It seems were are going to allow ourselves to be destroyed and it’s happening much quicker than we thought it would.


    • The apathy is more frightening than anything I’ve seen. And it’s not just here. Everywhere. No one is doing anything, not even the basics — like getting rid of goal burning generators or trying to clean up the mountains of trash filling our oceans. Is it that no one takes this seriously or is it SO serious no one has any idea what to do?


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