Worth It, a review, by Rich Paschall

We all enjoy good food. We also enjoy good restaurants. At times we may want to try something different, or just something that is familiar. Friends may give us recommendations for a new place, or their favorite spot. They may tell us a cetain dish is “to die for,” or mention one to avoid. Their restaurant may be inexpensive or rather “pricey.” The main question for a new or familiar gastronomic experience, whether pricey or not, is likely to be “Is it worth it?”

Buzzfeed Worth It

You have probably tried places where the food was very good but it certainly did not seem to be worth the price. We have gone to many fancy places in my lifetime to find the food was good, but it just wasn’t worth the price charged. Then there are other places where the food was inexpensive, but just OK. You would just rather go someplace else.

If you are not a millenial, then you may not have seen one of the most successful TV food programs currently playing. You won’t find it on a broadcast or cable channel. It is the product of BuzzFeed videos and you can find it on their website as well as You Tube.

BuzzFeed producer and presenter Steven Lim was asked to create a food program and decided on trying similar foods at three different restaurants and “three drastically different price points” to see which is worth it at its price. All the food may be good, but is it worth it?

The series began in 2016 with Lim and Keith Habersberger as presenters. Keith was a BuzzFeed employee and one of the popular “Try Guys,” also a Buzz Feed video series at the time. For the third episode Worth It paired Lim with another Buzz Feed producer and performer, Andrew Ilnyckyj (Ill-nick-ee). This combination hit gold and Andrew has hosted all of the additional epidsodes so far. They are now 5 seasons, and 51 episodes into their production.

Andrew (L) and Steven taste testing to see if it is “Worth It.”

Ilnyckyj previously appeared in a series of BuzzFeed videos as a creepy guy. Things that others (animals, babies, etc) do that would be creepy if you did them.  My favorite was Andrew in “Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them.”

The pairing of the always enthusiatic Lim with a guy who has a more reserved and drier sense of humor has brought the team amazing You Tube success.  They approach their three subjects each episode like a couple of curious millenials, who want to learn a little about the food or the chef or the restaurant before they sit down to try the food.

The series is so popular that BuzzFeed has sent the taste testers to other locations outside Los Angeles where the series started. Not only has the team made it to other cities, they have even made some international stops. Season three garnered three entire episodes in Japan.

As they travel to each place they discuse the foods they will try out and share some “food facts.” Andrew is likely to throw in a food pun or two in each egg-citing episode. They describe the items as a regular person might, but with a sense of humor thrown in.

The guys have explained that they do not accept invitations from restaurants. There are no food sponsors. They try out places based on recommendations from colleagues, or the reputation of the establishment. Of course the places know they are coming. As a program that has flown under the radar until now, this lack of a big name has probably helped them along. Now the episodes garner ten million or more views each per season, with some season one episodes now topping 30 million. The episodes are about 15 minutes in length. They are all available online.

The third onscreen member of the team is Adam Bianchi. The sound man is usually seen in the back seat of an automobile as the group travels to each stop. He also works as a camera man on the shoot. He rarely speaks in the episode, but gets a vote at the end.  Yes they do feed Adam.

The show has also resulted in an occasional Worth It – One Stop.  They have tried a 1977 USD bunch of grapes, cut an expensive steak with a 950 USD knife and other interesting stops along their travels. The group has been so successful that there is a spin-off off, Worth It – Lifestyle.  The concept is the same, but this time Lim presents us with places and things (beds, chairs, gyms, houses, etc,). There are various BuzzFeed co-hosts for this and yes, sometimes it is Andrew.

Ilnyckyj also is a frequent “chef” on a series called “Eating Your Feed.” In this one the guest host or hosts try to recreate a famous dish as challenged by sound and cameraman Adam Bianchi. This is now into its second “season”. BuzzFeed is obviously making the most of their popular hosts.

The show has other “spin-offs.” The original show spawned “Worth It UK.” Ilnyckyj made a brief appearance in the first two episodes. There was also  a pilot made of Worth It India. That one did not seem to catch on.

It is interesting to see the Worth It hosts and their UK counterparts both did an episode on Curry. Andrew appears in both (I guess that is sort of a spoiler, sorry).  The likeable Worth It guys are very entertaining as well as informative. We are likely to see plenty more episodes featuring Steven, Andrew and Adam.

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  1. Reblogged this on rjptalk and commented:

    The Worth It series has been very popular from the start. This was a review from last year and you can still find all episodes at BuzzFeed, YouTube, and now on Hulu as well. Be sure to click “View original post” to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the article as well as some delicious videos.


    • I have to admit that my idea of total tedium are cooking shows. I think I’ve been cooking for so long, I’d give it up permanently if anyone was willing to take over!

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      • This is a problem for Worth It. Due to circumstances it morphed into a cooking show. Despite Andrew’s charm I think it will be tough to sustain its success in the long term. On the other hand some people absolutely love cooking shows or we would not have the food channel.


  2. Rich, I stopped after the bacon episode….. It’s great fun to watch but I find it a bit tedious at the same time and it’s probably just because an overdose of bacon isn’t ‘me’. I could have stopped very happily at the first place and I doubt I’d ever pay as much as the 3rd place, even if I’d roll in money – which I don’t.
    Also I LOVE cooking, but only for people I like. I couldn’t cook in a restaurant and I have to have all liberties to be creative as well as lazy, just to go and do whatever the mood, the fridge contents and my inspiration (often the market visit) dictate.
    I shall watch the other ‘tests’ at other times and if I’m not overfed, I’ll be happy to get back to you. In any case, it’s great to have posts like this – something I know nothing about – my only restaurant testings stem from own experience, reading the weekend papers in UK and France and/or the same thing in some Swiss newspapers. I’m also a fond collector of cookery books; not that I cook their recipes, I just love the care and art that goes into them, the dedication, the wonderful photography and the tales being told. You see, your ideal cookery book buyer :O

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  3. I’m saving this post for later Rich. I watched the bacon one and loved it and don’t want to miss the others.

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  4. Interesting concept for a show!

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  5. Some friends and I lunch regularly in our local area and we often say how hard it is to pick something everyone likes when there are so few choices of places to go. Most of them love to talk about food so they would probably enjoy this show. I’ll send them a link.

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  6. You know, living here in Uxbridge, all of this is essentially meaningless. We don’t have any great restaurants, though we have two relatively not so bad ones. Otherwise, you’d have to drive to Boston. So I cook. I buy cookbooks.

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