CMMC – September Color – Dark Greens

There isn’t a lot of hot entertainment here in the valley, so unless you feel compelled to drive into Boston — LONG drive, LOTS of traffic — you find yourself fascinated by the changing colors of the trees from month to month. How close to gold they are in early spring and how dark they become in late August and early September. They are getting ready to glow. It’s that time of year again.

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  1. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos, Marilyn. Thanks for your time!


  2. Both of you have taken some gorgeous dark greens for this week’s challenge. 😀 😀


    • These last weeks of August and the first week in September give us the deepest green of the year. The color change hasn’t really caught yet, but you can wee the edges of leaves turning orange, red, and yellow. If it stops raining soon, we might have a great autumn.


  3. september colour madness! how exciting and utterly beautiful. I remember that autumn (fall) was the best time in Canada when all the maples were a firy red and the golden colour was omnipresent.


    • It isn’t quite fall yet, but it will be in a week or two. It’s hard to know what the season will look like. A lot depends on the rain — and getting a cold snap. We just had three really great days in a row, but it’s raining again today and it’s very humid. If it’s wet all the time, we won’t get the beautiful foliage — but there’s still time. We wait and we hope!

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