As time marches on, one of the things we say is “they don’t make’em like they used to.” This refers to pretty much everything, including things they didn’t make at all because they hadn’t been invented. Cell phones, for example, lasted forever because they didn’t exist and thus were immune to wear and tear. Houses were built to last — depending on the house. Good houses were made to last. There were also tenements and they didn’t last, but no one has tender memories of the tenements in which they grew up.

Modern “shabby chic” slipcovers look like an unmade bed

One of the many things that lasted forever was furniture. My aunts and uncles — even my mother — had furniture that lasted from when I was very little until they died or moved into nursing homes. Friday, we are getting a new loveseat. The one on which Garry and I sit all the time is 14-years old, though it really seems like we bought it just the other day. We aren’t replacing the sofa. No one sits on it except the dogs and they can sit on the scruffy one.

A style we hope never comes back.

Pondering the furniture my aunts and uncles had, no one sat on it either. It was placed in the living room, but no one was ever in the living rooms. If you were of superior stock, you called it the parlor — but nobody sat in there either. The family was always clustered in the dining room or kitchen. No one had a television till pretty late in life and then, the uncles sat around smoking cigars which meant no aunts ever sat around with them. Phew.

The smoke didn’t bother the furniture because (are you ready?) it was covered in thick clear plastic. Should you even want to sit on it, in summer you stuck to it and in winter, it was like sitting on an ice bank. The plastic got hard, stiff, and very cold … and we all slid right off it. So we, the youngsters, never sat on it and the grownups didn’t sit in it AND it was covered in plastic. Beneath the plastic, the furniture was wrapped in slipcovers, made to order when the furniture was brand new and under that was the original upholstery — which no one ever saw.

Shabby, but chic? Not only is it not chic by any definition I use, but I think it’s ugly — AND EXPENSIVE.

Of course it lasted forever. Our sofa, which does not have plastic covers, does have soft cloth covers to keep the worst of the dog hair and drool and kibble off it and still, with no children or grownups on it, it will last forever or close to it. Personally, we use the loveseat. That’s why, in its fifteenth year, we are replacing it.

There’s a moral to this story which is stuff you never use might last forever. It wasn’t that it was such great quality or they don’t build it like they used to. It was that once delivered, we treated it as if it were in a museum. It’s similar to those fancy wine glasses and silver settings for dining that in the past, we used once a year (maybe) and now don’t use at all. It will last forever. The hard part will be figuring out how to get rid of it!

They just don’t make stuff like that anymore. And aren’t we glad!

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  1. Friends of mine just bought electric recliners to make getting up out of a seat easier. Two old couches being retired. I’ve seen a photo and their living room looks a lot more spacious.
    Naomi wants to get similar for us when she sells her house. I still like my old lounge suite but it is very shabby and needs to be either recovered or replaced. I can’t afford either at present so I use throws to keep it respectable. It’s really rather large for the living room here but so comfortable I shall be sad to part with it. The new chairs when we get them will go downstairs. I hope you enjoy your new love seat and are able to ban The Duke from it.

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    • You will LOVE the reclining pieces. They are great for your back. This is our second “round” of reclining (or as they say it now — “Movable” furniture and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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      • Naomi also wants to buy a really big TV for downstairs so we’d create our own movie theatre experience down there . We went to look at some recliners in a furniture store one day to see what we liked so now we just have to wait for the money to be available.

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  2. You never fail to make me smile, Marilyn. What you’ve said here is absolutely true.


  3. My parents had a sofa in their living room wrapped in clear plastic slip covers. No one ever sat on it.


  4. When wir lived in a rental in Toronto maaaaany moons ago, we sat on a fake leather sofa. It was so hot and sticky in summer that we had to sit on our bath sheets not to burn our backs and legs…. and in winter we needed them so that we wouldn’t freeze on that horrible material. I love shabby chic as long as it IS what it says. I bought real linnen bedsheets to cover up our very, very worn armchairs HH had made before we got married. Love the chairs and the (still expensive) covers were just so large that I fitted the too-much underneath – it looked like shabby chic and it pleased us to no end.
    Now I want to see a pic of your love seat. Don’t know what to imagine!


  5. they sure don’t make stuff like they used to anymore!  Enjoy the new loveseat! X


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