The Hidden Halls of the Saxon Kings

Another great medieval jaunt with Alli Templeton!

Northumberland is positively dripping with medieval history, and every period of the thousand years following the departure of the Romans around 410 AD has left its mark on the land. Some of these historical legacies, however, are far less obvious than others, particularly when it comes to the early medieval period and the county’s rich Saxon past. But thanks to the skill and dedication of archaeologists some remarkable discoveries have been made that tell us about life in an age of wooden buildings and warring kings. While we were there I was keen to track down some of Northumberland’s early medieval sites, so on a day of shifting shadows and moody skies we set out to roam the imposing Cheviot Hills and to find a special place that was once home to a spectacular palace of the early Northumbrian rulers. And when we pulled up beside the monument marking the…

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  1. Oh bless you, then I’m even more pleased to be able to transport you somewhere else. Apologies that I’m not blogging much at the moment but I’m up to my ears decorating our house from top to bottom so we can put it on the market early next year. What with school runs back on now and my daughter’s 18th birthday coming up next week, time is very limited just now. Will catch up soon though, and I’m looking forward to it, and to enjoying your amazing photos. Thanks again in the meantime, and look after yourselves. ❤ 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for this, Marilyn. I’m glad you enjoyed Saxon Yeavering. Looking forward to catching up soon. 🙂


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