CBWC: Patterns

Mostly, it’s architecture that form patterns for me, but sometimes trees and even flowers can do it too.

Fenway Park
Hoisted Prowler
Reiterating steps and rails
Water Patterns
Black & White

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4 replies

  1. Excellent patterns for this week. Thanks for joining in he fun πŸ˜€


  2. I liked the street shot, reminds me of George Town, or Brooklyn Heights, but where did you take the mirror shot of the underside of that car. Looks like a pretty fancy roadster at that? Good shot BTW!


    • At the dealer. Where we bought the renegade. It was up on the ceiling in the room where we looked at the cars. Forgot did you?

      The street shot is a classic Beacon Hill picture. Yes, it looks VERY much like parts of New York. The same architects designed both areas. A lot of things, including our Boston Common and Boston Gardens (they are adjacent in the middle of town) were designed by the same architect. In fact, our Capitol building in Washington is an enlarged version of the Boston state house. Again, same architect. He was the “dome guy” and a very popular architect!


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