FOTD – September 17 – Chrysanthemum Buds

It has not bloomed yet, but it has been gray and rainy all week. If the sun comes out, I think we might yet have some very serious maroon and red Chrysanthemums.

Deep red Chrysanthemum buds

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  1. I bought a largeish pot of them (call them red marguerites) – they bloomed nicely but then they needed a long break, just some regular watering and then a very modest second blooming….


    • If we had put them in the ground in the spring, they would (in theory) be ready for a second blooming in the fall. But since we just bought them and aren’t going to put them into the ground (the garden is really awful this year), it will be just one bloom. It depends on the weather, of course. If it stays warm, it might bloom twice — or bloom for a long time. I just want it to BLOOM any old way!

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      • I actually realised that they (mine) didn’t do THAT well either. I think I idealised their goodness quite a bit…. they are in fact red mini marguerites, not chrysanthemums…. and I bought two pots at the same time, a white (ordinary) one and that red one. The WHITE flowers dutifully for the 2nd time. The red one is probably over-developped and I shouldn’t have bought it.. So don’t feel bad about my claimed succes. It wasn’t – and they will bloom if they feel good about it. And yes, this non-summer isn’t helping at all.


  2. wow! How awesome! Enjoy them! ❤ Xoxo


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