FOTD – September 19 – Rain Glorious Rain

Of course, it doesn’t only rain on Wednesday. It also rains on Tuesday afternoons. It continues through all of Wednesday and finally quits sometime on Thursday. Or Friday. Or maybe it’s still raining. No, wait — I saw some sun today.

In less time than a full summer, wild vines buried the Forsythia hedge. You can no longer tell what’s under the vines.

For once, the problem is too much rain, but after almost 10 years of drought, too much rain is a blessing. A muddy, wet, stormy blessing.

Mums are opening

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    • Chrysanthemums are absolutely a favorite flower. I even like the scent, though they don’t smell pretty. But they DO smell like autumn 😀

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      • sorry to disappoint you – I am NOT particularly fond of them. To me they are cemetery flowers, that’s why.
        In France, for the 1st of November, all of France is one GIANT ‘mums’ field. You can’t see the ground of any cemetery because there are thousands of potted chrysantemums on every free space.


  1. How bright these look ! The colour is so pleasing to eyes.


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