Can you define a “split second?

The answer: It’s the time it takes between the light changing from green to red and how long it takes the driver behind you to hit his or her horn.

And now, the rest of the story.

A woman was out driving when she stalled at a red light. Hard though she tried, she was unable to restart the engine. Soon a long line began to form behind her. One of the men behind her was particularly obnoxious and seemed to constantly leaning on his horm. The car wouldn’t start and the noise began to make her crazy, so she formed a plan.

Exiting her car, she slowly walked over to the furiously honking driver and told him: “I can’t seem to get my car started. Would you be a sweetheart? Please go see if you can get it started for me. I’ll stay here in your car and lean on your horn for you.”

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  1. All the pictures of traffic lights remind me of those things you have to do to prove you are a human being on some websites, except your photos are much better than the blurry ones they use for that.


  2. Wonderful story. This happend to me once at the red light of one notoriously terrible and always crowded and very centrally located place. I just couldn’t get that blxxy car to start. Behind me I had one of those high vehicles where you can only see that it’s huge and menacing looking. The lights changed to red again and the honking got unbearable…. As if that would have helped anybody!
    Then, somebody stepped out of that huge car behind me and walked to my window…. Guess what: It was a truly obnoxious and very small man who worked in the same company as I did. He was always very full of himself and nobody cared for him very much. He was also very conscious of his job and he must have done good work but he wasn’t liked. He started shouting abuse at me, then stopped, blanched and apologized profusely when he recognised me…. (a…ole!)
    He said: Had I known it was you, I would never have ‘horned’ – and I, like an ice queen, said: How about, then, helping somebody who can’t move their car, instead of playing the idiot with his horn? He started my car (which I probably could have done myself because it wasn’t touched for a while and the motor must have cooled off or whatever….) and hopped back in into his ego-buster. I ‘had’ to tell that tale to some ppl of the company and he got a very unflattering nickname after that.
    It never pays to be unkind, to have a dirty character, and for him being so small, with such a huge ego (for his size he couldn’t be blamed…. but then you don’t go and buy a car which asks for a ladder for the owner to get into!!) it was a miserable time to have a go at another very small person who was well liked. I think that’s where I learned about Karma.


  3. Good to have these posts bringing a grin on your face, thanks


  4. Haha! This is good.


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