CBWC: Half of Anything

I took this first picture this morning while the coffee was brewing. I had forgotten that this challenge was waiting. Some part of my brain must have remembered because I decided this needed to be done in black and white. Later, I realized it was indeed exactly the right photograph — but I should have included more foot.

Some foot and most of an oak leaf

Not quite half a foot. More like a third. But there’s almost a whole leaf, so it’s sort of a half when you sum it up, right?

Two Halves, but no whole
Black & White

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10 replies

  1. Really cool shots, Marilyn, and I love the mono. I always think it gives more detail, and can make the best of even the flattest ambient light.


  2. The window is a very cool shot. 😀 😀


  3. It was fun to participate. You took foot pic and it looks cool with leaf. Even I did it with my half face n self portrait today morning. 🙂


  4. That first photo is a real show-stopper! Well done!


  5. Monochrome is so much more dramatic, isn’t it?


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