FOTD – September 23 – Chrysanthemums

I bought them a week ago. They were covered with buds, but no flowers were blooming. Since then, each day there have been more flowers. There are many more buds — and I bought a second big pot in an autumn rust color, but its still all buds. Meanwhile, in the autumn, the flowers are mums in every autumn color.

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  1. THIS red I like very much. And I love the tiny but full flowers. With ‘these’ I could live but we usually only get garish buckets of ‘only’ rusty, pale yellow or a dirty white colour. Nothing as vibrant as these. But as I told you before, here they are often (in France exclusively) bought for cemeteries and I guess, a flaming red wouldn’t be bought by many.


    • I love the autumn colors. I have some rusty orange ones that are just beginning to bloom now. But of course, it’s RAINING again. It was so muggy this morning I turned on the air conditioning just to dry the place out. maybe tomorrow, suddenly autumn will show up. Any day now!

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  2. They’re enough to cheer up even the dullest of days. Glorious shots, Marilyn. 🙂


    • Thanks Alli! I love the true autumnal colors of mums, too. I got a second barrel of them in an almost rust orange-brick color, but they haven’t bloomed yet. I’m hoping this week will bring some non-rainy days and everything will perk up. Including the foliage!

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      • I bet they’ll look wonderful, so fingers crossed for a shower or too to help them along. Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous photos of them. 🙂


    • Thank you. To me, mums ARE autumn. By now, almost everything else has died or gone to seed, but the mums will sometimes bloom until Thanksgiving — if it doesn’t snow. Sometimes, even if it DOES snow.


  3. So beautiful, Marilyn. Thanks very much.


    • Thanks! Yesterday, I got along very well with my macro lens. I have good days and not so good days. Yesterday was good — and it was shady, too which mean there were no sharp shadows or burned out areas. If I wait until the right time of day — late afternoon (when the sun has moved to the other side of the house), everything comes out better.

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