Fandango’s Provocative Question #136

This question clearly has dubious origins.

If I was forced? Forced by whom? Is Trump at it AGAIN? Maybe it’s all because of the immigrants! That must be it. Immigrants.

Dude. Were I for some obscure reason “forced” to choose between things that will keep me alive and something I can — unhappily — live without, it’s a pretty simple equation. We live in the north. It gets — even with climate change — really very cold. In the summer, we live with the three H’s (Hot, Humid, and Hazy) and then, there’s the pollen. You need heat or you’ll die. A/C because without it, dead might be better.

If they aren’t taking away the library, things that play music — I can make do. Good thing I can read, eh?

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  1. As we speak I’m crawling and wheezing toward my keyboard….


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