FOTD – September 27 – Pretty Pansy, if it’s really a pansy

The person in the shop said these were “fancy pansies.” I can’t look them up because there’s no listing for “fancy pansy,” and I have no idea if they are pansies. Really, I have no idea what they are except very pretty.

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  1. This looks so gorgeous indeed 🙂

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  2. I would guess mini petunias…. they are being sold in many colours and are really small and rather creepy (creeping!) instead of shooting up


  3. I agree. They are petunias…But gorgeous ones. I usually don’t like petunias but I like these. Amazing colors.


    • I thought Petunias too, though they do seem to have a slightly different growing schedule since the other petunias are beginning to die back. The weather has been peculiar (to say the least), so nothing is growing in what we always thought was “normal.”

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  4. They look more like they belong to the petunia family. They don’t have that little pansy face.

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