FOWC with Fandango — Late

So spoke the March Hare and was the reason he had kept that big watch. It was supposed to keep him on time, but it didn’t seem to work for him.

Back in the olden golden days, I was never late. Now, I’m never on time. The perils of age never end!

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  1. A benefit of age is that I have less and less that I need to be on time for.


    • Unless it’s a doctor or a special event — these days, mostly funerals — I don’t even wear a watch anymore. Besides, everything in my house has a clock including computers, about a dozen chiming clocks (my son collects them), the TV, Alexa, the other Alexas. And since Garry does wear a watch, at least someone knows the time.

      And then, there is the cell phone!

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  2. i always found him to be such an interesting character

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  3. I started to write a post today with that same line in it, but then the day got away from me! Now it’s too late!


    • I’m always late with these. I get distracted, forget what I was supposed to do and remember the next day. This was already a day late, but I saw it right before I closed the computer and the March Hare jumped into my brain.

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  4. This is my favourite Disney movie, Marilyn. This is my favourite song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfmAzoILaK8

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