The thunder woke me early this morning. As far as I knew, we weren’t expecting a storm, but these days, it can be hard to tell what’s going to happen with our weather. The leaves were rattling last night — the “rain” rattle. Wind makes a different sound.

Hunger game?

This morning, however, the thunder was loud and louder, so I got up and ran around the house, closing windows and doors and turning on the air conditioning. I didn’t need the cooling. It isn’t hot — but the humidity was very high. Air conditioning at least keeps everything from getting damp and we avoid that smell a house gets when everything in it feels clammy.

The birds and squirrels were out, rain and thunder notwithstanding. Good or bad, they live with it. Life without walls.

I have no plans for the day except some phone calls I need to make to reschedule doctor appointments. I had a few this week, but I didn’t have the money for the co-pay. It will be another couple of days before money arrives.

The big surprise of the morning was getting on a scale and seeing that since last week, I lost four pounds. How did that happen? I’m not complaining, but I’m puzzled. I’ve been eating more, not less — but weight keeps slowly but surely dropping.

Meanwhile, it’s still thundering and raining. I guess I should dry my hair before it dries itself.

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  1. Smashing shots, Marilyn, love those permanently hungry squirrels! And glad to see you’ve got some rain for those gorgeous flowers you photographed last week too. 🙂


  2. We experienced it all in the last 48 hours. Rains, thunder storm, had a cyclone alert basically. Thankfully it’s over now. Excellent captures of squirrel. Looks like a story strip.


    • We’ve had tropical rain storms since June. It has rained more this summer than EVER before in this state since they started keeping records. We needed the water, but now we need a little less water before we wash away the autumn.


  3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my decade of watching squirrels, it’s that they’re much more all-weather than I’d have imagined. I’ve seen them out in pretty much everything, including pouring down rain. And they still look cute with their fur all matted…


    • I know. I always want to go out and put little shoes on their feet. Their feet must be awfully COLD. Actually, I feel that way about the birds, too. They need little warm shoes. I’ve seen them out there on the deck right after a blizzard, digging through the snow to get to the seeds. I try to keep the deck clear so I CAN feed them, but sometimes, there is just too much snow and I have to wait for help.

      They do look cute. Even wet. And they are always hungry, cold, wet, or covered with snow. Just pass the food!


  4. That last photo…!! Poor little guy is tuckered out from posing for the camera! He’s adorable.


  5. They are great little posers and love eating those seeds. Our rain pouring down here, more than expected.


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