CFFC: Circles and Cartwheels

The world goes round and round and we go around with it. We are now on the autumn side of “around” — and then will come winter.

I remember when Kaity was younger and we took her to the science museum in Boston. She cartwheeled through the whole museum. Tourists stopped to applaud. I was lucky I was able to capture it. Music with cartwheels!

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  1. I’ve always like that Joni Mitchell song. A cartwheel is perfect and so out of the box. Brilliant. 😀


    • Thanks Cee. I thought of the song — and then, I remembered Kaity and I actually was able to find the pictures. I was amazed they showed up. Thanks for your support. Those pictures brought back so many memories. Kaity is now 25!


  2. childhood is the best time. Fun sequence.


    • Thanks you! I was trying to get the sequence right. I think I got it though it took a while. I may have more pictures of this day, but I have no idea where in my gaziilion folders it might be. There really IS such a thing as “too many pictures” — even when you keep them virtual.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!


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