On the first day of squaring my camera gave to me: More than five hundred repetitive bracketed shots of the dam over the Mumford in the middle of town. I think the camera created at least half a dozen pictures for every one I intended to take. This time of year is my favorite, so with all our grumbly aches and pains and grousing, we get up and we go shooting. The season has gotten so short, if you oversleep you might miss it.

Rocks and leaves floating in a tiny canal
Autumn in Vermont

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  1. Over here September has given us some feeling of ‘late summer’ which we didn’t have in any shape or form in the ‘usual summer months’….. September was kind, warm, friendly, when it rained it was just for the benefit of nature, a happy time. Only wahaaaay too short!


    • It rained almost every day in June AND July and August was only a few days of rain short of the previous two months. I was really hoping October would be dryer, just to let the leaves do their Autumnal thing. But we got one day last week — Thursday 00 and it has been raining ever since. It rained ALL day yesterday. It poured all night an it’s still pouring. I am SO tired of mud!

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  2. Exquisite photography! I’m glad Fall finally arrived (even if you blink and it’s gone). Here? It’s still the same ol’ meh. Brown, green and brownish green and maybe a touch of yellow. *sigh*


    • As we were finishing our pictures, if you look you can see the clouds building up. By evening, it started raining and has been raining ever since. I’m pretty sure the leaves have changed — or at least some of them — but this rain isn’t going to help. I notice my maple trees has brown leaves curling up and falling off. Not a single red one on it. That’s not a good sign. AND it’s cold.

      There’s no weather less appealing than chilly and soaking. Yuck.


  3. oh Marilyn, what a lovely way to start. I love your description and photographs – so glad you are back for squares


    • It’s just (sigh) raining again. This is probably personal because we really needed rain and I yearned for rain. So we got rain. Then more rain. Now, EVEN MORE RAIN. It has been raining hard or harder since last Thursday and today, it’s Monday and it’s pouring. Nights have been cold, so leaves are probably changing, but the rain means that many of them will just turn brown and fall off.

      I’m SO glad we got out on the ONE day that wasn’t rainy and got pictures!

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