The Changing Seasons: September 2021

It hasn’t (until today) been a magical month for photography. Of course there are a few birds and some awfully cute squirrels. And lets not forget the chrysanthemums and the other flowerbox blossoms. Mostly what we have had it an awful lot of rain including two hurricanes. There was some flooding, especially along the shoreline and of course, Boston.

Little Red Squirrel

Around here, though we are so very much a waterway, the rivers got full, but never overflowed. The ground became saturated and the weirdest stuff grew not only in my garden, but everywhere.

The plantings at the park at the Mumford River are also covered with a variety of bizarre vines \and they have gardeners who are trying to keep things in order. The problem is that not only have we had an inordinate amount of rain, but it seems that the soil has gotten wildly fertile and everything is growing at super light speed. Overnight, vines pop out of the ground a wrap themselves around everything. Weird.

We had our 31st anniversary this month and more or less forget to celebrate. The last few years, something horrible or weird has always been going on in September. So, in honor of us having managed to squabble our way through 31 years and still actually enjoying each other’s company, a few picture — me as taken by Garry and Garry as taken by me.

So I cooked. I think I peaked with the Singapore Noodles. I also had ankles and toes so swollen I could barely walk. But hey, those were great noodles! Even if it did take me half a day just to cut up all those veggies. Professionals do this stuff so fast, it’s almost embarrassing. I do a great job. It’s just that instead of taking a few minutes, it takes me hours.

Everything but the shrimp (still in the fridge)

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10 replies

  1. Congratulations on celebrating your 31st! That is nothing to sneeze over …. Respect respect! (we are only celebrating our 25th in December). I was so tickled that you made Singapore noodles for your celebration meal. All that chopping and prep – it really is a labour of love!

    So happy to see you on The Changing Seasons!


  2. I can only underline your words. I do most days a very large mixed salads where I toss in everything remotely interesting from fridge and surroundings… I have learned to do the whole salad or veggie bits long before I do the actual cooking knowing that the preps demand a looong time to do. But then the result is convincing and instead of eating at a precise time we eat when everything is ready…. I would love to have shared those noodles. It looks wonderful – and honestly, it takes the time it takes. We now have the time to do stuff like that and I find they give me a good feeling about knowing what we eat and how it was prepared. Bon app!


  3. Happy anniversary. Beautiful images as always; your flowers and wildlife shots bring a smile to my face.


    • Thank you! YOUR picture make my breath stop they are so stunning! Miss “seeing you” around the internet. Some years are just so much harder than others but luckily, the bad stuff fades faster than the good stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary. You DID remember it, just a little later than expected. 😉 Those noodles look AMAZING, you must be such a great cook! I’m sure it’s greatly appreciated too! The photos are stunning, but I would expect nothing less. You two have great talents and many of them! Enjoy the ‘temperate’ temperatures while they last…you know what comes next! ❄🌨⛄🏔 😨


    • Funny. That’s exactly what Owen said last night, that he could feel “it” coming. I said I figured it was going to be interesting, maybe even weird. Summer was a surprise every day.

      I think the best part of crispy Autumn is it gives us a meteorological kick in the butt to go out and DO something. It’s not that we do nothing, but we seem to do whatever we do INSIDE. It’s getting outside that gives us a mental lift. Which we needed! Looking out, I can see the trees along the road are more gold and yellow than yesterday. It was quite cold last night which may have kick-started Autumn. Garry’s not up to much today, dealing with his booster shot from yesterday. He’ll be better tomorrow. and if it doesn’t rain (sigh), we’ll go. Fall is so short these last few years, you can’t miss any of it for fear of missing all of it. Did you get the article I sent you?

      I sure hope that the white stuff doesn’t show up until at least December. I hate early snowfall. It makes an awful mess.


  5. Beautiful flowers – and happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 40th, September seems to be a popular month in which to get married 🙂


    • Probably. We actually based the date on Garry’s brother’s (Anton, the professor who is – among other things – in charge of St. Olaf’s Choir at St. Olaf in Minnesota) availability to sing for us. He had a slot in September. I was glad because I didn’t want the wedding in the heat of summer OR in the bitter cold of winter. September is usually a good weather month. Not this year, but usually.


  6. I have to laugh when I read a recipe and they note the prep time is 10 minutes. Are they serious? I guess if I had a prep chef, then the prep time would be 10 minutes. Heck, that’s the most time consuming part of cooking!


    • The COOKING time for this is about five minutes. The PREP time is, depending on your skill with a knife, anywhere from one to four (or more) hours. I was slow. I did good work, but it took more than half the day and I was beat. But dinner was fine. Maybe with practice I’ll be able to do it faster. I live in hope.


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