CMMC – September Autumn or Spring – FOLIAGE DAYS

Autofocus fails when you want the front of the picture in focus but autofocus wants to do the rest of the picture. But there really was an amazing spider web through which I took this picture.

Through the spider’s web to the trees beginning to turn

They built a new small industrial area down along the Mumford. It’s not huge and it isn’t as ugly as it could be, but why in the middle of town by the river when there are hundreds of empty acres less than a mile away? The people who run this town puzzle me.

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  1. I bet it looks even better today. We’ve had two cold nights in a row and that should bring up color. The maple still is all green, but the woods aren’t all green now. It’s closer to golden!


  2. We don’t have to understand everything Garry! (Or else we’d go crazy…) 😉


    • I had the same reaction. Why build it there? It was a lovely park along the river. Now it’s — I don’t even know what it is — but the lovely park is now a sliver along the river and all the picnic table are gone. Why? There’s SO much empty space available, why there?


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