Honestly, I have no idea what squares I posted in the past. Sad, but true. If you ask me about my memory, I’d forget what you asked me before you got the answer. Memory? Huh?

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  1. these squares are awe inspiring for all shutter bugs out there.


    • A lot of the bird and animal pictures work very well squared. Architecture and landscapes are trickier — but you can “squeeze” a landscape into a square even if it doesn’t fit there naturally.

      I can usually tell if it will fit easily into a square when I first look at it. I also have a few tricks to make wider pictures fit — especially if there aren’t any buildings or cars or people in the picture. Maybe I’ll write about it. It’s useful and simple — as long as you know how to add, subtract, and divide.

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  2. Hee hee I have been amazed by some of my past squares as i have re-discovered them!!

    You have found some fabulous ones for us, and we can all have fun trying to guess the themes

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  3. That’s okay, Marilyn. We don’t remember either.

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