What do you do when you don’t have a long lens and you really need one? You take the pictures anyway and hope for the best. Flash warning: these pictures have been mercilessly cropped. Isn’t it amazing how our eyes recognize the size and details of that hawk, but even a good camera can’t quite do that. Yet.

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  1. Pretty good shots never the less, Owen. The longer lens will only get you closer to the feathers.., if that’s what you’re looking for. The fact that you didn’t spook him to flee his perch, is a good thing. Don’t know what camera you’re using but if it’s one of Marilyns try the one with the longer lens if possible?


    • He’s using the Olympus “tough” camera. He was afraid to take any of the others to work with him. This one, with all it’s lens limitations, he can put the glove compartment or out in the rain and it’s just fine. He has enough equipment — long lens and all — but he never takes it with him. I thought, considering how far away that hawk was, I was able to get some pretty good definition of the hawk. The lens is very clean. Almost no noise until you crop it very VERY tightly. Which I did — just so you could see that it WAS a hawk 😀


    • I did some astonishing cropping and remarkably, you can still see something. He needed a longer lens, but that camera only has a 7X, so it’s fine for most things. It’s a tough camera made for people just like Owen. The pictures were really clear — just far away. I didn’t think I could do it. I’m really glad you like them 😀


      • You are much better at photography than I am, Marilyn. My camera only has a 5 X so I don’t get good distance pictures.


        • For years, I never needed a long lens. I always needed a wider lens if anything because I mostly shot landscapes and occasionally, portraits. THEN I discovered birds and all of a sudden, I REALLY needed a long lens!

          It depends on what you are doing, photographically. I don’t have the patience to haul a lot of lenses, so mostly I use my 12-200 which pretty much covers most things I might find. I also have a single lens Panasonic with a Leica lens that goes from 12 to 750 mm and THAT will take pictures I can’t even see with my eyes. But mostly, I use it for birds. Last time, I used it for a snapping turtle. But unless I’m home where the birds are, I rarely need a really long lens so it lives at home and never travels. In any case, it’s just too heavy to haul around all the time.

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