Festival of Leaves 2021: Week # 3

We were out and about yesterday and I brought my camera. There is color. Much of it can be found in vines — Virginia Creeper and wild grape vines are both bright. there are some trees, too. It’s not yet quite “here.”

It’s supposed to get much colder tomorrow and that might bring the colors up. It’s the late summer warmth and constant rain which has made it so difficult for the trees to decide what season it is. I’m told there’s full (peak) color in Vermont above 2000 feet and by the Canadian border — and I assume in Canada, too. But not here — yet.

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  1. What a beautiful area you live in.


    • it is beautiful and if the weather would do something normal, even more beautiful! We haven’t been hit the worst results of climate change, but it definitely has warmed up. Summer is much longer, winter is much shorter and also warmer. We’ve had more rain this year than in any recorded year — I think that’s about 100 years. The meteorologists keep promising colder weather, but every day is just like the day before, except today, it isn’t raining! Wow!


  2. Yes this is very similar to my neck of the woods! For me the changing colors of autumn are like Christmas. I can’t wait for them to get here and feel sad when it is over.


    • It’s much warmer. Summer lasts longer. Winter lasted a long time, but it wasn’t very cold and we had weeks where it was in the 70s. In JANUARY? We only got ONE snow in late November which melted in 24 hours. For people who deny climate change, do they ever go outside?

      It was supposed to be cold today. It’s not. Mid 70s. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m going to go out and take whatever pictures I can. If the weather changes, fall might show up yet. I used to say if you can’t take great pictures in New England in October, you shouldn’t own a camera. I suppose that’s not true anymore. Maybe we’ll get fall in November?


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