FOTD – October 4 – Mums and Pumpkins

The chrysanthemums are blooming joyfully in two pots on the deck — in deep orange and deep red. The fuchsia still thinks it’s summertime, as do the petunias and the birds, squirrels and chipmunks come by every day for a good feed.

We haven’t gone pumpkin hunting this year. The farms aren’t producing much. There has been far too much rain, but for all those previous years when hunting the pumpkin was a real activity…

Photo: Garry Armstrong and a much younger me
There’s one for every taste

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  1. The wonderful colours of autumn…


  2. It looks like a tree is growing out of your chest in the photo you are in! Was it painful?


  3. When late summer rolls around, I think – I’m not buying pumpkins and mums that I’ll throw away in a couple of weeks. Then, I find myself buying them and some kale and smiling at the arrangement. It’s fall, we need our props. Hope all is well with you.


    • At $6 for a big bucket of them, it at least makes it look pretty for a month or maybe (with luck) six weeks. We haven’t seen any sun at ALL since the beginning of October. It’s RAINING again. We got about a 6 hour dry spell in the morning which I used to clean the deck from leftover birdseed hulls, not to mention piles of acorns and a variety of dead leaves … but i have to say the mums really help make the whole thing a lot more attractive. For $12, not such a terrible investment. I’ve spent more only to have the deer eat all of it in one night!

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  4. Beautiful post Marilyn 😀


    • Thanks Cee! I’m glad we went out and took pictures last week because it started raining that night and it’s STILL RAINING. Sheesh. It’s like quicksand outside! I think the leaves have changed, but who can tell? It’s so dark, we had no sunrise and there won’t be sunset, either. Just dark gray rainy skies. We got that ONE lovely day. I’m hoping we get a few more!


  5. Beautiful share and full of life in the work shared by you


  6. I suppose too much rain makes the plants and pumpkins rot. Your flowers are wonderful.


  7. Beautiful. Flowers and rain are such a good combination.


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