A Break With the Past

I hung one of the two new feeders yesterday. It’s a new flat feeder to replace the older one the squirrels have chewed up. The one Owen put up today is called a “Fly-through feeder.” Birds can fly in from either side. It also lets us put out two more types of suet and seed protected by a roof.

I have to admit that I thought this would be an attractive frame for those little feathery stars. Sure enough, it’s a good’un. I have to figure out how to hang it and keep the pole out of the picture. I don’t think it will ever hang entirely straight.

Speaking of the roof, this will need to be taken inside when it’s windy. The roof will lift and act like a sail. The feeder will land somewhere in the woods or backyard. That kind of excursion usually causes damage, some fatal, to any feeder, so I’d like to avoid it.

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  1. ooh they are quick to come and visit the new – ours can take ages sometimes when there is a new feeder


    • They were in it in minutes. Two new kinds of suet which is just as well since the raccoons stole the other one. Those little bandits have hands! Hopefully this one which swings out away from the deck will be relatively proof against both raccoons and squirrels. It’s the raccoons who really do the damage, though. They sometimes steal the entire feeder, hooks and all.

      I think the leaves have changed, so we are going out. Not sure yet where, but not very far. I see red leaves on the maples. The woods is almost entirely yellow or orange, so now ought to be the time.


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