A Break With the Past

That’s good because I have some pretty pictures of our backyard birds. Goldfinch, still in their summer breeding feathers. Hairy woodpeckers hungry for suet. and a pudgy Tufted Titmouse. Square!

After having no money last month, they got a bonanza this month. A new flat feeder, a new type of hanging feeder, fresh food and — because of the bugs — a new food container. And they’ve been eating their feathered little hearts out.

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  1. Lucky you. Happy bird watching.


  2. Lovely photos, Marilyn. Once upon a time I could handle a camera but these days it’s difficult to hold it without shaking. I do have several photos of blurs that can’t be identified except memories of what was going on that particular day.


    • I have the same problem. I try to lean on something. Fences, gates — and I’m thinking about buying a monopod. It’s particularly difficult using a long (heavy) lens and I’m getting on in years. I think a monopod might turn out to be useful.

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      • That sounds like a great idea Marilyn. I’ve had to go down to a very small kodak and while the photos are good it’s nothing like the Sony with the changeable lenses I once used. I can’t even pick that up now, but it was sure a fun camera to use as long as I was able.


  3. Such pretty birds you have visiting your feeders!


    • Every bird is still in summer feathers. Sometimes, I’m bedazzled by the colors. A bright yellow Goldfinch, a scarlet Cardinal, a Blue Jay (they are back!), and maybe a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak or a Bluebird — and of course nuthatches, Chickadees, Tufted Titmouses and a variety of woodpeckers. I run for the camera. They all leave before I get the lens cap off and turn it on.

      Usually, I only shoot one bird — preferably one who is deeply absorbed in the food tray — at a time because it’s the only time when they don’t disappear on me. And they don’t “fly away.” It’s like they just drop off the railing. Gone.

      I think they are just taunting me 😀


  4. oh these are superb, and you have done some great editing too to really draw them out 🙂


    • These were pretty sharp, though they all needed one more sharpening. I’m always surprised when the pictures actually have edges. And they are so pretty right now, too 😍 After this month, they will all start to dull down into winter feathers, but the weather is so warm, they are still breeding. I suppose that is a good thing. We are about 50 billion birds short and they just declared another 20 species extinct last week.

      But MY birds are still happy so I feel like I’m accomplishing something. Small, but something 🤞


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