An Almost Wordless Past

I could see bits of red in the now, almost entirely golden woods out back. While the birds are playing loop-the-loop in the new feeder, the trees decided it might be fall after all. We went out.

The dam over the Mumford, a week later

My camera doesn’t understand me and took 18 shots of every item for which I pressed the shutter totaling 721 pictures in less than half an hour. We went home and I got a different camera. This mad machine has gone wacko. It’s totally out of control! I’ve had the camera for three or four years but I do not understand anything. Truly, it’s the insane phantom camera.

Yellow Virginia Creeper vine, thinking about going red

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  1. a heavenly collection of autumnal beauty. Tks for sharing.


  2. What glorious colours! Could you have pressed the ‘multiple frames’ setting on your camera by mistake? Mine is a little too easy to knock and I have to be careful to avoid it 😉


    • I don’t know if there IS a button that does that, though there may well be — just — WHERE? This camera — a Panasonic with a Leica lens and a 25 to 850mm telescopic lens came WITHOUT so much as a short cheat sheet. I have tried to get some kind of guide online. There is one (I think), but it’s more than 200 pages long and that would use up about $100 in ink alone.

      For the amount of money it cost, it ought include SOME basic information. I never change settings when I use it because every time I change a setting, it stops working OR it takes shots of every possible light and color configuration — which turns out to be 18 per shot. If I ignore the craziness, it takes good pictures.

      I’ve owned a long line of this style “travel” Panasonics. It’s compact but weighs a lot. Now I’ll have to see the buttons do. There must be a dozen of them front and back and a few so hard to find I need a magnifying glass.

      I would love it if it would do what I WANT, not what IT wants. It is the definition of a “smart-ass” camera. DC-ZS80S (Panasonic LUMIX ZS80) 20.3 MP, 4K Video, 30X zoom. Not a beginner’s camera, but I’m hardly a beginner. I didn’t think there was a camera I couldn’t figure out, but this one’s killing me.


  3. my mistake; I was looking at the shot after the dam shot.


  4. Are you sure that’s Virginia creeper? They have 5 leaves. This shot resemble poison ivy.


    • There is a wild variety that DOES look very much like poison ivy, but I am assured really isn’t. I stay away from all the vines because I’m allergic to everything anyway. The cultivated creeper and the wild stuff similar at all.


  5. oh Marilyn, what lovely colours are appearing. I am revisiting the fall myself tomorrow 🙂


  6. Lovely fall pictures


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