I think the picture makes a statement. Autumn showed up. Still not fully engaged, but give it another couple of days — if the sun shines and it gets cold at night.

Home again, home again

It will keep getting better (fingers crossed) for about a week then slowly dissolve into November’s bronze. There were SO many images — and fall is just beginning.


What is the scariest game (board or on-line) you ever may have played?

I have never played a scary board game unless you count a really intense game of bridge when you realize you just trumped your partner’s ace. Ouch.

What’s just ‘over the rainbow” for you?

That other place. You know. That one.

Do you have to watch something upbeat after watching a suspense or horror movie so you can go to sleep?

I don’t watch horror movies and fortunately, Garry doesn’t like them either. Suspense? As long as they don’t get too brutal and no one hurts an animal.

Is there intent behind every action?

Mine? Usually. I don’t know about anyone else.

Optional Gratitude

I’m tentative optionally grateful the guv is giving a few (very small) extra perks with Medicare. Better than nothing, maybe. I have a feeling they aren’t going to affect us much or solve any problems.

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn for Sharing Your World! I think it was the ASPCA that had the most horrible info-mercial trying to drum up donations. The images they’d share would depress and anger me, and I know it was meant to make a point, but I’d change the channel immediately if one came on. I can’t abide anyone who deliberately harms an animal. I’d forgotten your talent as a ‘sensitive’ (is that the right word?) I know you don’t do that anymore, but you do seem to have a far different perspective about the Ouija board than most folks, given your gift! If you’re getting even some tiny perks from Medicare, celebrate! Utah won’t spend any money on it above what is already there. They even stopped MediCAID because they refused to spend tax dollars on the programs. That means that the poor who are ill are fairly well screwed. I have avoided the doctors as much as possible (last year was easy) because I simply can’t afford care even with Medicare. I hope your revisions make things more cost effective and sensible! Have a wonderful week and I’ll be watching for those amazing photographs of the bronze November! How beautiful!!


  2. I can’t watch shows where animals get hurt.


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