I love how Autumn hides and then — out of nowhere — shows up with a wild flourish of colors that takes your breath away! .

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  1. Stunning gallery. Love the waterfall and trees next to it.


    • We have 46 dams like that on the Blackstone and another 20 on its tributaries all pretty close to each other. We also have locks and dams and mini-dams. There’s what’s left of the big canal and a lot mini-canals that were intended for individual mills (that are 100 years gone) and live on because removing them sometimes causes more damage than anyone wants to deal with and sometimes, CAN’T deal with.

      But overall, a waterfall and trees — they really ARE dams, but they do look like falls — more or less defines this area. It is beautiful. When we lived in New York, we used to come up here for vacations. Until the late 1970s, this was entirely a vacation area. The only people who lived here all the time were farmers — corn, dairy, horse-breeding (we breed huge horses here — Percherons and Belgians and other big draft animals) and standard produce (cucumbers, tomatoes, squash (lots of squash!) and of course, apple orchards. A bumper crop this year, too.

      It IS beautiful, especially this time of year. I wish we had a little more cultural stuff, but they ARE building a little museum in the middle of town in the old white church that has been sitting empty for 18 years. That is exciting and I’m going to volunteer to work there because they are going to need to sort out thousands of old photographs from back when this town was bigger and busy with all the material being turned out by the dozens of mills and factories on the river. It nearly destroyed the river, but there was a lot of work. Now, we have the rivers — but no work.

      All things considered, I’m glad we have the rivers!


      • That’s so good that you have decided to volunteer to work for a good cause. Church shall be a valuable asset over there. Farm Fresh supplies are so tempting Marlyn and that too bumper crop, certainly a matter of joy. Enjoy and keep sharing your world


  2. Glad for you! You deserve a splendid autumn after that dismal summer, eeeh, which summer?


    • I can’t complain about lack of rain. That’s something and it also means we won’t be entirely dependent on snow-melt keep the water table up. That means a lot considering out here and throughout the valley from Worcester to the outlying areas of Providence, we use wells and have no city water. So when water gets very low, wells can run dry. You can’t live in a house without water, so you are, as we say, screwed. With water, there’s LIFE.

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  3. Such a special time of year, and you’ve captured the multitude of autumnal hues beautifully in your own special way. Brought a warm glow to what’s otherwise been a rotten day! Thank you, Marilyn, just what I needed. 🙂


  4. Love the waterfall. I visited one last week and tried to get a photo of the water and the leaves but that wasn’t happening. I couldn’t get it in one shot. So, I’ll enjoy yours.


    • I have a wide-angle lens that should deal with that, but it never seems to get what I want in the picture. It gets lots of stuff, but inevitably more than I want. Have you noticed that you can’t take a picture in New England without getting power lines in every shot? I used to try to get rid of them, but finally, I gave up and just made them part of the pictures. Why we don’t run them underground I don’t know. Maybe because so many of them are high-tension lines from the well-hidden nuclear generators up and down the river? Can’t take pictures of them. Barbed wire fences and HUGE signs warn you away. Hardly anyone knows — including US — how MANY nukes we have in the valley, but a lot.

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  5. Stunning, and you are right the colours do suddenly appear 🙂


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