My ankles and feet swell when I stand for more than a few minutes. Much of the standing time is cooking or I’m out on the deck, cleaning it and the feeders, filling the feeders, and watering flowerboxes and Chrysanthemums.

Now that our weather has cooled, I can wear support hose. I gave in and decided to stop whining about swollen feet and ankles and wear the compression socks. Complaining wasn’t doing the job. I realized I didn’t have quite enough, so I ordered another set of three.

I got the new ones a day later. They went on easily and felt comfortable. I was delighted. At day’s end, it was time to remove them. A lot of huffing, puffing, pulling, rolling, then inching the socks low enough to remove, I got the right one off. I then tried to remove the other sock.

It wouldn’t move and seemed grafted to my left leg. I could push it down to my ankle, but I couldn’t move it down my foot. I couldn’t move any part of the foot. It wouldn’t move, roll, or inch past my heel. It seemed likely I would never be able to remove it without cutting it off.

Bombas have light compression and they now are making full compression socks, but Bombas are a bit thick for many of my shoes — and expensive

In an act of sheer desperation, I detached Garry from the western he was watching and — since he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids — I conveyed with sign language that I needed help removing the sock. He thought I was kidding around. So, he tugged at it. It didn’t move.

He tugged at it harder. It still didn’t move. He sat up and dug in with both hands and full muscle — both arms. It wouldn’t go past my heel. Garry is strong. The man is a dedicated exerciser, but that sock had a will of its own. Eventually, Garry went full brute force on it and I got my foot back.

I put those socks in the laundry. I won’t even look at the other two (new) pairs. I will have to wait for a day when I’m up to the challenge.

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  1. This is every nurses nightmare!!!! Love them but they can be challenging…. Baby powder with corn starch applied when putting them on is my trick…


  2. Dr. visit next week–ankles swelling and toes turning blue… I have a few pairs of compression socks and suppose I must start wearing them.


  3. they seem to have a great attachment to you(r feet)!! 😉
    I have the same problem with very ordinary ‘winter’ socks from cotton. They attach themselves so perfectly to the foot that they won’t want to come off….. I have to fold one leg over the other (not an easy task any longer) and peel the sock off….. much huffing and puffing is going on.


    • Usually (with the huffing and puffing) I can eventually get it off, but this time, I couldn’t. Garry barely could. It was perfectly comfortable ON, but I’m not sure I have the courage to try another pair of them.

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  4. I have a pair that’s challenging but not quite to that extent:) I like the knee socks with a bit lighter compression. I still can only wear them for part of the day, though.


    • These were really comfortable. Even easy to pull on, but off? OMG that was bizarre. The remaining two (new) pairs will wait until I have more courage than I do right now.

      I have everyone wearing them. Garry has a lot of varicose veins in his feet from working 50 years on his feet. Owen has a swelling problem with his ankles and these really DO protect him, they they start to itch eventually. I told him it was because he has such hairy legs and suggested he shave them. He said “Great, then I’ll have itchy stubble.” Couldn’t argue the point. Besides, Owen is HUGE (just like my brother was). His feet are a size 14EEE except when he needs a 15 and shaving ones legs is a lesson that needs years of practice. Maybe he could get them waxed? Nah. Guys don’t have enough character to deal with the PAIN, poor babies.

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  5. Oh my, Marilyn, what a performance with that sock. Maybe you could stretch it a bit so that it is not as tight and comes off a bit easier. I’ve never seen compression socks so I don’t know if this is a possibility but I always stretch my sons shoes so they don’t rub and make blisters.


  6. Bombas advertises a lot on TV…I wondered how expensive they were. Isn’t that always the way it is–what we like and what works costs an arm and a leg?!


    • I have a lot of their socks — which I started buying before they started advertising. Like most really good socks, they are expensive, but not more than most other high quality socks. My problem with them is they tend to be too thick to fit in my shoes, so I wear them more like slippers than socks. I love them. They are really warm and comfortable and they don’t fall down or bunch up and as far as I can tell, they last forever. If the dryer doesn’t eat them first.

      For compression socks, though, the price is too much for me right now. They have some woolen ones I’ll buy as the weather gets colder. Their wool socks are heaven on cold feet — and my feet are ALWAYS cold.

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