I thought after we got through shopping at the Asian grocery, there would be time for some photography. But the shopping took a lot longer than I thought it would and we had frozen food and fresh shrimp, so we had to get the food put away. I had forgotten that leaves also change at home.

Wild berries,, plant unknown and remarkably a while strawberry flower
Antique tractor and vines
The guys off loaded the groceries while I took pictures
Maple finally turning

And despite cold night, the flowers think it’s still summer.

For, Petunias it’s August

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  1. awesome Marilyn! You got some good shots! Xo


  2. So glad ton your return he guys sorted the groceries whilst you snapped away! It is just lovely to see more of the beauty surrounding your home


  3. It is a beautiful place to have a home. So calm and serene. The best part is plenty of vegetation which must be having a flipped side too I m sure nevertheless worth staying in this countryside.


    • I don’t think I could deal with all the busyness of city life anymore. The parking, the traffic, and all those PEOPLE. There are things I’d change here if I could, but I still like it better than any other place I’ve lived.


  4. Fabulous shots, Marilyn. I love the warm light on that tractori and the maple leaves are stunning. I know what you mean about the flowers too, though. We’ve got a new little standard rose on our patio this year and despite the trees turning and the leaves falling it’s come out in lots of new flower buds. I wasn’t expecting that – interesting.


    • Things that normally only bloom in the spring are blooming for the third time this season, like the rhododendrons and the roses are still hanging in there, too. Today I can see my maple tree — the one that stands right outside my picture window — is finally turning red. I have to get out and shoot today, so I made the dog HIS food. I cook for him because the price of dog food has gone sky high and the food in the cans in junk. Not only is he getting fed better, but also less than half the price — and it’s all regular grocery store human food.

      In a couple of hours, I hope we’ll get over to the canal. The colors there are usually wonderful. I hope so!

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      • I bet your dog appreciates your culinary efforts too. There’s nothing like home made food – even if you’re a pet! ๐Ÿ˜€

        And I’m really enjoying your autumnal photos. They make me feel all seasonal! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Beautiful photos!


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