Yesterday was beautiful. Perfect for going out and taking pictures which is what I wanted to do. It was also the day I needed to change the bed linens. The birds needed feeding and the deck cleaning. I had to cook the Duke’s next batch of food because none was left.

Garry amidst foliage

I’d run the rice cooker the day before, so the brown rice was ready, but I had to cook the meat, sauce, rice, then let it cool. Freeze one, put the other in the fridge.

Also, there was dinner. I had to do something with a small package of chicken, already defrosted. Since I have a lot of vegetables, to turn this into food I had a la lot of slicing and dicing to do. I was up early so there was enough time — but I forgot about how tired I am when I’ve been on my feet for five or six hours. By the time I was done with various tasks, I was tired, but we hadn’t left the house.

Foliage on the other side of the river

I was not going to miss photography. I hoped the compression socks would do their job. It was almost 3 in the afternoon when Garry was ready to go. We stepped out the door and a big piece of dead tree cracked off and fell into the yard. It was a big limb. Small tree-sized.

It bounced off the fence, into the yard where it still is sitting, waiting for someone a lot stronger than me to toss it back into the woods. I don’t think it caused much damage. Finally, we left. It was after five when we got home. I still had to make the dinner,.

An hour later, I got to sit down and put my feet up. I had pictures but I hadn’t written or processed anything. In this case, processing is just reducing the size and cropping. I didn’t see anything I could do to improve them otherwise.

Garry still in foliage

I fell asleep with Adobe open. It was clear I was not going to do anything more. I was wiped out. I had been tired when we went out, more tired when we got back, really REALLY tired by the time I done with dinner. I had done as much as I could do.

We still stayed up to watch the first American League Division playoff. The Sox lost.

When I peeled off the socks, my feet weren’t huge, though all the veins were bulging — but my toes were so swollen they didn’t look quite human.

Autumn’s rolling river

Finally, there was bed. I think I was unconscious before I finished putting my head on the pillow and for the first time in years, I slept through the night into the morning.

My toes are still swollen. Today’s dinner plans involved a lot of cutting and dicing but I am reconsidering my plans. Usually, I’d have gone out and done some more photography today because it is another beautiful day. The meteorologists say by early next week, we will be at peak foliage. Probably we are already at peak near the river and canal, but my feet won’t are staying home and the rest of me just won’t go without them.

It will have to wait until tomorrow or, if it rains, Monday. Right now, the sky is clear blue without a cloud to be seen, but who knows about tomorrow?

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  1. sounds like a very busy day you had! I’m glad you got some good sleep at the end of it!


  2. Wonderful. That river shot is stunning. Autumn really is here. 🙂


  3. Lovely autumn photos. Happy to see your part of MA start to live up to New England autumn beauty for you and your camera. So about all the time you have to spend on your feet preparing food and cooking. I broke my heel last October and avoided surgery with nearly 5 months of no weight bearing that included 7 months in an orthopedic boot. My best recovery hack apart from a knee scooter and food delivery was slicing and dicing while seated at the dining room table. I wasn’t able to prep while standing up at all but it was so easy while sitting. I’ve been out of the ortho boot for 4 months bit will never go back to the days standing while slicing and dicing. Also your swelling feet and toes sound so uncomfortable, sorry you have to go through that! Does your diuretic need to be adjusted? I know you have a pacemaker. I have a defibrillator, so we’re in the same boat. The diuretic tweak is helpful to me. Glad you got a real sleep. Hope your legs and feet and toes feel better soon!


    • If only there were a place to sit in our kitchen! Though maybe, now that you mention it, if I could find a high stool, that might help. My feet have had it. Today, NO amount of urging could get them to do anything but complain. Sitting sounds like a good place to start. Great idea. I’m going to see what I can work out because if I don’t have to stand for hours, I might survive!

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      • Good luck, Marilyn. Sitting saved my sanity and health. I slice and dice the night before and spreading the work out over time like that makes the act of cooking so much easier. With a stool you might be able to even stir a pot or wok when it is needed. Good luck and feel better soon!


        • The feet aren’t going away. It’s a side affect of the medication I take which is all because of the heart surgery. Rather than look for a “fix,” I’m looking — as you did — for a way to deal with it. Sitting certainly seems both the simplest and possibly best answer.

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          • Got it! My motives are partly selfish – eager to see another one of your delicious foodie posts down the road when you’re feeling so inclined and inspired. That last Chinese dinner looked so scrumptious, Marilyn! Take care.


            • I’m just getting better at following the recipes. Not necessarily to amounts. I like some stuff better than other stuff, so (for example), I use a lot of ginger and more garlic — and more green onions, but fewer peppers. Every once in a while, the dish doesn’t work out. I made one last weekend that no one including me, could eat. WAY too hot.


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