FOTD – October 18 – Autumn Leaves

The day passed as we traveled from the canal to River Bend looking for the best leaves. Surprisingly, the leaves in Rhode Island were much brighter than up here. It should be the other way round since we are further north. No matter because regardless, there is still plenty of color and a few more day until peak.

And two by Garry …

Photo: Garry Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong – I think maybe we were standing in the same place when we took this one and the first one but using different length lenses.

And when we came home, there were two fresh apple pies Owen had made while we were out. Autumn. It’s a great time of year.

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  1. I too am thinking ‘oh film scenery’ every time I see these kinds of pics by the Armstrongs…. I’m glad that you have this beautiful place nr you and that you are able to enjoy it, again and again! Many don’t see the beauty around them any more.


  2. So pretty and peaceful, Marilyn. When my boys were little and they did something helpful, I would tell them they were ‘useful engines’ like Thomas from Thomas the Tank Engine. Your Owen is definitely a useful engine. Michael sometimes bakes/cooks.

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    • Owen has always been a pretty good kid (well, not such a kid anymore!), but his skills have improved over time. Also, he is tall and I am short, so he can get the stuff off the top shelves. I can’t reach them anymore. I’m SHRINKING 😀

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    • Roberta, thank you. Owen is an engine maven and a budding chef, something of a renaissance man. We’re lucky to have him around. Owen and Michael could probably share their baking secrets.
      Lots of people were out, enjoying the first real flush of autumn in our valley. The colors are vibrant. We are so lucky to have nature’s treasures here. People come from far away places for a glimpse of our valley in its autumnal splendor.


    • The bridge today was FULL of photographers. They were up on the bridge shooting downward, by the canal shooting up at the bridge — and everyone was so excited about their pictures.

      We are going back Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on weather and I think maybe I’ll try to get up onto the bridge and shoot from there down into the canal. If I can make the climb, that is.

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    • Patricia, thank you. It was a MGM type day for pics. Lots of folks out enjoying the full splendor of autumn in our valley. Lots of Norman Rockwell pic opportunities. Everyone was so friendly. A delightful outing for us.
      You could almost sense Judy Garland and Tom Drake gazing at the scenery, right here in our own backyard.


  3. Wow! Such an amazing stone bridge.

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    • It’s a very classic New England bridge. You see bridges that look like this all over. Some are tiny foot bridges, and others — like this one — are part of a road with cars and trucks. There are even some double this size that cross highways. I think it’s because we have so many rocks! When people refer to the “rocky New England coast,” they aren’t kidding.

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    • Yes, an amazing bridge. It’s almost a time travel connector — the old timey feel of people enjoying themselves by the river with picnics, fishing or just relaxing. The cars passing on the bridge offer the time difference.


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