We were out most of the day with cameras taking far more pictures that I will probably ever have time to process — even minimally. I haven’t done almost any processing on any of these autumn shots except to straighten them if crooked, cropping, and making them smaller. And of course, for this challenge, figuring out if they can be made into a square and then making them square.

Bright leaves against a stormy looking sky
Fallen leaves in the clover

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  1. All lovely fall shots, but I really like the third one.


    • Ah, the leafy tunnel. There are paths on both sides of the canal. Those were originally the paths the horses walked while pulling canal barges. In the winter, you can’t get across the little bridge. You also can’t walk the paths because they don’t clear them so between now and next April, these little parks will be unofficially closed. They never really close them, but the weather usually makes them unusable.

      Everyone loves that bridge and the tree tunnel. It’s small and so personal 😀


  2. Glorious seasonal hues, Marilyn. We were out for a woodland walk on Saturday and the tops of the trees that are turning were bathed in sunshine – it was a burst of autumnal splendour, I can tell you. 😀 It’s happening here at last, but still a lot of dark green around.


  3. Loving your fall colours


  4. Truly Autumnal scenes!


  5. Beautiful colours, Marilyn. I like the one with the distant people in the tunnel of trees best.


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