A Flowery Past

All of these were used in the past, though which was used when? That I don’t know. In the gallery, the second shot is from a flowering vine that was killed by a falling tree. It also took out the basketball hoop and its stand on which the vine was climbing. I think this may be the only picture I have of them.

Memories of spring – Daylilies and roses
Final petunias for 2021

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12 replies

  1. those are nice flowers! Too bad some were killed when a tree fell! xo


  2. Beautiful flora Marilyn 😀


    • This is a good October. Everyone has mentioned that the trees are just glowing and they are, but they aren’t glowing as much as I hope they will be tomorrow or Wednesday. Last year was a good one, too. This is our reminder that the world is beautiful if we let nature do her thing 😀


  3. Looks like spring is coming back soon. :-)) I do not really like winter, here in Bavarian Siberia. 😉 Best wishes, Michael


    • Winter is waiting in the wings. Everyone thinks it will be really bad because the acorns are huge, but I don’t buy into the acorn theory. We haven’t had a really cold, snowy winter in a few years, but this is New England and anything can happen. I just wish the snow would go somewhere else — like where all the skiers live!


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