Portraits of Us by Us

We take each other’s pictures, but Garry is the really dogged, determined portraitist. I sometimes feel like every time I turn around, he’s there with the camera. I frequently feel as if I ruined his picture by moving. First, here are the “Garry by Marilyn” shots.

Next, here are the “Marilyn by Garry” portraits, most of which are from by side or back because apparently I look better backward or sideways.

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  1. Looks like fun, taking portraits of each other!


    • We are often the only people around when we are taking pictures, so I suppose it’s natural. Also Garry loves the challenge. I am, like many photographers, not happy about having MY picture taken so he’s always trying to sneak one in 😀


  2. You guys are funny. When we are out, I will turn to see my husband pointing the camera at me. “Stop!” I try to duck but he snaps away.


    • I used to hide, but I gave up. He just LOVES taking my picture. Fortunately I’m the processor (his computer isn’t up to the task), so if a picture is really bad, I delete it thus saving myself from looking as awful as the picture!

      Lately those picture are a chronical of my aging process. Reality bites. I AM getting old, so like it or not, I won’t be getting younger this lifetime. Too bad. I would love to get some of my agility back. I used to love climbing rocks and hopping around along the shore on the rocks. Now, I don’t even dare to think about it.

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  3. Great pictures


    • Thank you! I look strange to me these days. My hair is longer, my face is thinner, my jeans are way too big. We both look old and considering that we’ve known each other from when we were both young, it seems so odd.

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