A Flowery Past

I have a lot of flowers and a lot of the pictures are square. On the other hand, some of my square flowers are also pink. Call that a double whammy!

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  1. Breath taking floral squares. I remember when you had grown these Fuchsias and during the same time you had purchased the macro lens. You had clicked some amazing flower pics with that lens. You are competent now.


    • I actually have a camera and lens set up entirely for macro shooting (or any close shooting) of flowers and occasionally, other small items. It took me a long time to figure out how to make the macro lens do its job, but after five years, I’m almost competent!


  2. Beautiful flower shots ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. ๐ŸŒนโค๐Ÿ˜€


  4. You’re so good at flowers, Marilyn. Those fuchsias are outstanding – it takes a lot to beat a good fuchsia!


    • I have always grown plants, but FLOWERING plants, which require more dedication than just greenery, take more time and attention. Until I retired, I grew a lot of greenery. My house looked like a nursery. BUT I rarely had flowers.

      Now, retired, I CAN grow them though sometimes, I just get tired of remembering how to take care of this orchid or that cactus and I consider going back to greenery.

      I can’t grow fuchsia anymore. The branch that gave us dappled shade on the deck died and we had to cut it down. Now, it’s too sunny and while they grow, they don’t bloom like they used to. I MISS them! I really love the fuchsias.

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  5. the fuchsias are beautiful


    • I wish I could still grow them, but I lost the overhanging branch that gave me dappled shade. Now, the deck is either dark or full sun — and fuchsias are very specific about light. Dappled sunlight. NOT full sun. NOT full shade. Not only that, but the person from whom I used to buy them died and no one has fuchsias of the quality he grew.


      • ooh we’ve always grown ours in full sun, I wonder why yours prefer dappled


        • It may be the species. If you put these in full sun, they literally burn up. So maybe your sun isn’t as full as you think? OR you are getting a different kind of fuchsia. I’ve never researched them. Also, this year, they didn’t like the endless rain. None of the flowers like it, but the weeds went BERSERK.

          Got this under growing conditions:

          “Fuchsias love lots of filtered light but are particularly intolerant of heat. Making sure your fuchsia baskets or planters have plenty of dappled shade and daytime temperatures well below 80 degrees F. (27 C.) will encourage a healthy bloom. Fuchsias also prefer cooler nighttime temperatures.. Jun 3, 2021”


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