Fandango’s Provocative Question #140

First, congratulations. 140 is a lot of posting and reading and commenting. I really enjoy doing this particular challenge. Now, to the question:

This is easy to explain, but I have a feeling I’m going to use too many words anyway. We have been making online purchases since they became available. I always worked in high tech, had my own — sometimes quite a few — computers.

I have been ordering drinks (as in soda), Boost (much cheaper than in the stores), coffee, big bags of rice, and all the miscellany that is not available locally. It was just a skip over to also ordering (when available) paper goods. Fortunately, we rarely needed to buy that stuff online. I hope a bunch of people ended the lock down with a garage full of toilet paper and no one wants it. They were COVID highway robbers.

Our “locally” is more local than most locals. You can get everything you need here — unless you want something that isn’t super standard rural America. Very slowly, we getting some new things, but mostly if you want clothing you love, online is the way to go.

Garry and I laughed at the anguish at having to stay home. We stayed in most of the time anyway. Now, the whole country was living just like us. Yes we were worried about getting sick until the vaccines were made available, but we were careful. And lucky.

We’ve found a few ways to get things cheaper locally — birdseed and dog kibble — so we buy in town. Owen can still haul 40 pound bags of stuff and it makes a big difference for me since I’m the bird feeder.

Otherwise, it was like this before COVID and not a lot changed except there are fewer restaurants, and several malls have closed or nearly closed. We only miss them occasionally and might have to drive an extra 40 miles to find a mall. I have always been grateful for delivery since I can’t walk far and don’t drive hardly at all.

It’s funny. I used to buy books on Amazon. This was after I tried buying a book at our local Barnes and Noble (in our only mall). The book was $10 more in B&N than in their own online store. They said the online part and brick & mortar part are run by separate areas of the larger corporation — and they don’t cooperate on price. Honestly, I think my jaw dropped.

I started buying books on Amazon and I remember when they started to sell all this other stuff. Kind of got to watch the industry grow. Along with computers.

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  1. As a general rule, I hate going outside because of reasons. (I love using that line whenever I can.)

    When the lockdown occured here, it was amusing for me to see everyone in my family forced to live my way, and going mad because of it.

    Then, when the lockdown ended, they couldn’t tolerate the outside world with it’s loudness.


  2. My partner Rose passed up on the opportunity to buy Amazon stock at it’s outset. If she had I’d now be speaking to you from my castle in the Mediterranean.

    Not that doing that bad.

    Except for a pile of computer games I’ve bought on Steam, we order very little from the Net. But that seems to be the only way you can get some things.


  3. First, thanks for the shoutout, Marilyn. I can’t believe I’ve reached 140 unique FPQ posts. And I’m happy that you’ve chosen to participate.

    On a separate note, I’m bummed that the Sox got spanked over the past two nights and are heading back to Houston with their backs against the wall. They will have to win the next two games on the road or they’re done. So much for dream of a Sox-Giants World Series, and, now — short of a miracle in Houston — for another Sox World Series appearance. 😞


    • We never expected them to do this well and they’ve had a rough time for the past months. AND the Astros are good — and good in the same way the Sox are good, but better about not dropping the ball when they have opportunities. In 2004 they came from a worse position and still won. It was a different team (obviously) but let’s see how it goes before we mourn.

      You have done very well with this challenge. it’s interesting, too and fun. I know how much work it is, too, having tried it.

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  4. My all purchases were and are mostly online. It is so convenient and time saving. With big basket, swiggy, flipkart and Amazon we never had to go to crowded spaces to do shopping.


  5. Now if only they paid taxes…


    • I know. But really, in the end, this is a problem only the government can solve. They have to pass laws that make it illegal to stash your gazillions of dollars in offshore accounts. They won’t because those offshore account fund their runs for office. We can’t change the system because the people who have to change it are the ones benefiting from it. Catch 22.


      • Age old problem..for thousands of years.


        • All governments are corrupt, but I think right now, we have the worst in recent history.


          • ??Worse than Trump? I don’t think so.


            • No doubt it was even worse with Trump who I think was the first president to actually not care about the laws at ALL. But the basis of our government — the spending of so much money for elections — is always there, no matter WHO is in office. If we were to fix that, I think many other aspects of government would be fixed at the same time.

              As long as elections are based on who raised enough money to plaster the TV with advertisements, we aren’t going to have a government that can do the right thing because “the right thing” is inevitably what those big donors DON’T want.

              Money is really the core of many problems. Look at what’s going on right now. It’s all about protecting the interests of huge corporations who donate money to candidates. So many of our candidates — not all, but many — are literally for sale. And I don’t see any likelihood of it stopping. They’ve been talking about it for decades and instead of getting better, each year it gets worse.


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