FOTD – October 24 – Foliage

I suppose I could write about another flower, like my mums which are alive and blooming on the deck, but I have about a thousand foliage pictures — mine and Garry’s together, that is. They need a home and I am the only one who can offer one. I will love these pictures even more in another month when the sky is white, the air is frigid, and we’re waiting for our first, but probably not last, snowfall.

There’s a lot of green on our property, but around the corner, it’s all aglow
Pasture gate on the farm
Foliage on the Mumford River
At home, with Garry in the driveway
Mumford Dam with full color
Pasture and its gate

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  1. Just love them to bits


  2. The sunshine makes those colours so alive. Makes such a difference. Wonderful.


    • I love the sun, but shade makes the pictures come out more gently. My favorite light is bright but overcast. No sharp colors, no burned out white areas. But on the other hand, with sunlight, you can really see how brilliant the colors are. I really don’t think anywhere has a better autumn than New England. Maybe it’s all the sugar maple. They are the ones that really light up.


  3. You live in a wonderful location Marilyn 👍🤝


    • This time of year, it’s perfection. In another two months, not so much. That long sloping driveway becomes a skiers bunny slope — and the cost of getting a plow here is obscene. I like snow that comes one day and melts the next day before lunch.

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  4. So beautiful and gorgeous images.


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