Now come the lingering Autumn days leading to winter…

It’s official. Autumn has peaked and will now disappear. First, slowly, but then, probably by the end of the month, the leaves will fall. That will be the first fall. The second fall — oak leaves — will be sometime in November. Last year it was just before Thanksgiving. It usually happens sometime around the end of November. Until then, we have the golden bronze of oak leaves to give us a bit of autumnal nostalgia.

I’ll not overburden you with pictures today, but I still have another few hundred I haven’t even properly looked at, so one way or the other, you’ll see them sometime in the near future. Also, to be fair, I love autumn and whatever it takes to hold onto it for a little longer works for me.

I shiver a little because after autumn comes the black and white season know as (gulp) winter.

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  1. I do NOT envy you for your winters. It would be unbearable for me – but may fall last a bit longer, so that you can store some of its beauty and kind warmness for the long and cold days to come.


  2. Not at all looking forward to winter this year! I hate the cold dreary dark nights!


  3. The weather has been rather pleasant here and almost everything is still very green. We used to be buried in leaves by this point.


    • It’s the warmer weather. Our rhododendron just stopped blooming, but it’s growing like a weed. It should be getting cold by now, but it is warmer than it was. Warmer, wetter and when it’s not raining, very pleasant. What winter will bring? I’m hoping that it won’t suddenly turn into the arctic!

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      • Last winter we had a LOT of snow and I do not look forward to it again. We were hiding out because of the pandemic, so it did not bother me too much that we could not go anywhere. Not getting out two years in a row would be bad.


  4. It rained like hell here today. Still is. Cold rain. I know that normal in some climes, but really not around here. At least it’s not snow – but we’ve had our warning.

    HEY … really nice photos!


    • We’re at peak and from here, it is down the hill to winter. I guess you got our rain. It rained here every day for more than two months. Everything is still sodden. Now we are just getting rain more of less normally — like a day or two a week.


    • I wonder what winter will bring? The last two years have been either no snow or very little snow. We only had one snow worth mentioning last year — and it was in November. We had some light flurries. Nothing substantial. No one knows what the weather is going to do. What used to be forecasting these days is more like good guesswork. The winds have changed. The oceans are warmer. The air is warmer. And it is so much wetter.


  5. Aren’t you glad we live in a world that features Octobers.


    • Yes. I think that was at least 50% of why I came back. When you grow up with seasons, the lack of seasons makes the year feel a bit strange. Some people get used to it, but I found that the homesickness increased with every passing year rather than decreasing. I wanted Autumn and even an occasional hint of winter. Maybe not full throttle winter. I could do with two snowfalls a year which melt within 72 hours, but that’s because I’m getting old and cold weather is harder for me than it was when I was young.

      Also — I missed trees. There are trees over there, but they are different. Mostly pine. No maple or oak and very little is made from wood. Everything is made of stone or marble. A wood floor is a huge luxury. I just knew I wanted to be back where the seasons felt “right.”

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  6. It can’t be…, we just got done with summer?


  7. Lovely and no stopping it


  8. here’s hope it takes a while to move onto the next season


  9. How captivating ! The best part of the year undoubtedly. I mean look at the colours. My wish is to visit this part of earth during this season. I have been enjoying the virtual tours so far, may we visit in person someday.

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    • When I was overseas, I always planned my visit for October. It helped me get through the year. Israel has a wonderful spring that starts in January and continues through May, but no autumn at all. One day clouds appear in the sky and you run home to get your laundry in off the line because the winter rains are about to begin. From summer to winter in a matter of hours.


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