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Canceled, by Rich Paschall

ORD, waiting for the world to come back

Since March of 2020, there have been various travel restrictions in place. Many people have been awaiting the opening of borders so they may travel again. You may have greeted some recently announced changes with the hopes that you may hop an airplane to your favorite destination. Maybe you want to visit family and friends. Maybe you want to revive those delayed vacation plans. Maybe you want to cross an item off your bucket list. Maybe you should have a plan.

In early 2020 countries started closing their borders in an effort to control the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19. The United States ultimately slapped restrictions on crossing the land borders and stopped citizens from dozens of countries. These restrictions, put in place by the previous administration, seemed to be guided by politics rather than health and science. Citizens from some countries with high Coronavirus rates were still allowed to enter. This likely does not surprise you.

On August 9th Canada began welcoming vaccinated US travelers but the US did not reciprocate as some had hoped. The ban remained in place. The tourist industry suffered.

Not only did the US travel restrictions keep out visitors from our neighboring countries to the north and south, but they also kept out much of Europe. For a while, the United States had been on the list of “green countries” that were allowed to visit Europe, but things have changed. On August 30th the US became an “orange country” and the EU recommended that its 27 member nations ban entry of non-essential American travelers. Members were free to accept the recommendations or not, and this led to a variety of regulations across the European Union.

Four countries have banned non-essential travelers from the United States. Twelve countries will accept fully vaccinated Americans, with proof of course. Eleven countries allow unvaccinated travelers but they have strict quarantine rules. The regulations are subject to change on short notice.

On November 8th, the US will begin welcoming fully vaccinated international travelers. Those who were free to come and go before must now show proof of vaccination and have a negative COVID-19 test in order to fly. Those crossing by land will need to show proof of vaccination only. The US will accept vaccines approved by the CDC and by the World Health Organization. Children will be exempt for now.  A few countries where COVID-19 is still at a high rate will remain on the list of those not allowed to enter.

The travel industry has been awaiting this news. A loosening of restrictions on international travelers, will not only help the airlines but will also help the “hospitality industry,” that is to say, hotels, restaurants, bars, theme parks, and various tourist attractions. Sweden’s ambassador to the United States called the November 9th reopening “very welcoming news.” It’s an odd comment considering Sweden is one of the countries currently banning Americans.

If your Sunday travels brought you to SERENDIPITY last week, you may have noticed that I mentioned I would like to travel again this year. I had gone to France ten years in a row and had been halted in 2020 by the global pandemic. Since my last visit in October 2019, my friend got married. His wife is now pregnant and it seems this may be the last chance for me to go on my own. I have airline vouchers and vaccinated friends. There is a place to stay and friends to visit. This week I was going to present you with the results of my travels. I canceled the trip.

If you wish to travel to France, you must obtain the French Health Certificate. This applies to all those 12 and older. If you have someone under 18 who has not yet gotten vaccinated, consider the country rules before travel. The vaccine must be on their approved list. Johnson and Johnson is not on their drop-down list. If you got the J&J one shot pick one by Janssen (made by J&J) and explain in the comments. You have to upload your CDC card anyway. You must also indicate your dates of travel and upload your ticket and passport. This process was meant to take one to three days. You would receive a QR code that you could have on your phone or you could print it. This is what I received when I finished:

“Habituellement, les dossiers de cette démarche sont traités dans un délai de 24 days.”

Basically, that says the process could be delayed up to 24 days. The French news site The Connexion gave examples of long delays and canceled trips by Americans and others. Not only will most businesses in France require the QR code for the passe Sanitaire, but airlines and Customs agents may check as well. Airlines do not want to have to immediately take you back to your origin because you were not allowed in the country.

Good wine and good friends, the best destination

My plan was to fly to Frankfurt and go on to France from there. Will the French certificate be honored in Germany? Germany requires digital registration before entry. It is a separate form, but it is asking for basically the same information.

France, outdoor dining with friends

My QR code arrived several days after my trip was to have begun. I am applying for both codes and giving it one more try in November. It is clear that any trip involving multiple countries will require advanced planning. You may think that this whole process may not be worth it and you should hold off. It is not likely to get easier as the EU is set to implement a tourist visa for Americans at some point next year.

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  1. may it turn out to be OK, in the end. I personally wouldn’t have the stamina for that complicated planning. We just crossed our spent money for cancelled adventures off our lives and try not to think about them any more. Other doors will surely open – but mind you: I DO understand you.

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  2. My plan is to travel to the USA next year, I’m hopeful I can! Now that I know I’ll need a negative covid test, before traveling, thats good, as I did not know that befrore!

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  3. It’s such a shame you had to cancel! In our experience, overhearing Americans in restaurants in Paris, they were accepting paper documentation in lieu of the pass and even, in some smaller establishments, a simple ‘I’m American and yes I’m vaccinated’ 🙂 My US friend had a similar experience – her QR code didn’t arrive until part way through her trip but she managed fine without it while she had to!

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    • I understand I could probably get away with it in restaurants and tourists stops as my friends are in the tour business in Alsace, and could likely help me avoid any problems. The worry is that airlines are beginning to check as are Customs agents. I received an email from the airline two weeks before my scheduled trip telling me I had to have the health pass. If they refuse my boarding, I am stuck with a ticket I paid for. Vouchers are not totally free.

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      • Oh yes, that would be annoying! We can get our vaccination certificates instantly via the NHS app – we can opt to have a pdf emailed to us at any time, for travel or domestic use purposes.

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  4. Good thing I wasn’t planning any outside the U.S. travel!

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  5. I don’t hate travel. I just hate airports, airlines, and those ridiculous seats they give you to sit on — and the total lack of any amenities. Other than that? I love it especially when we get there peacefully by car!

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    • If I get to travel on certain airline vouchers, they will bump me up to business class if there is an open seat there. I am hoping for that if I get to travel. Flying eight hours in coach is tough at any age.


  6. All these rules are very confusing and once you think you know them they change mid travel!

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