Where has the past week gone?

Time is our river. We flow with it, are part of it. Sometimes, it seems to rush along faster and certainly as we age, the time goes by so quickly we barely register what has happened before we are engulfed by the next surge of white water.

We think of time travel as requiring a porthole or some special machinery, but our lives are time travel. We are born. We live through time. We travel through our time from baby to old age. No machinery. No porthole. Just life.

Even when the church was becoming derelict, someone always made sure the time on its clock was right, including changing from Daylight Savings to Standard time.
Our grandfather’s clock is too large for the shelf…

Garry and I were at this concert. It was the last concert we went to and I still have pictures of her on stage. She sang all the songs we love and many memories are packed up with the words to this song.

Who knows where the time goes?

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  1. sometimes I wish I could have a do over, and some time back, but we don’t get it back!


    • If I had to pick one thing I really miss, it would be agility. The ability to move freely without pain. Right now, the weather is just perfect so pain is as low as it ever gets and I can sleep most nights and wake up almost human in the morning. But the cold, wet winter is coming, and that is very hard on old bones and arthritis.

      Just that one thing. Such a small thing. Such a huge impact on a life.

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  2. I’ve lost track of time. And time is just passing me by.


  3. oh such wise words, and love the thought of life as time travel – you’ve certainly taken me back to my childhood with the first song!


  4. And today is clock-winding day. FYI, our grandfather clock is a LOT heavier than I am. Maybe heavier than Garry and I together, but it has a beautiful deep gong. Henry Work only wrote two songs — this and Marching Through Georgia. This one is particularly popular in England where it is a music hall favorite and also, a marching band favorite.


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