Jiminy Cricket, we’re into the last week!

Too soon, too soon. I’m not ready for November. Not ready for holidays and all the fuss and feathers. Doesn’t it seem that the world is spinning too fast? I’m getting dizzy! I took these pictures a week ago and didn’t get around to pulling the card until today. Of course I forgot I’d taken the pictures at all, but they were perfect for squaring. So today’s square are a Red-Bellied Woodpecker and a few bright trees of which I took pictures today, rain and all.

Taken in the rain this afternoon

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  1. Fabulous squares Marilyn, and loving the autumnal vibes – here’s hoping they remain until end November


    • Well, we lose all the bright maple probably this week or over the weekend, but we have the bronze oak leaves until as late as December. With the sun on them, those bronze leaves look like solid gold and they reflect on the water, making the rivers look like gold.

      Question: do you use Photoshop? My son wants to buy it for me as a birthday present. I have issues — serious issues — with our ISP. They are erratic and under-equipped AND more expensive than any other company I know about. So I’ve been using PS CS5 for which I have a commercial license allowing up to 500 users. Obviously, they made huge improvement over the past 12 years, but I don’t use most of PS. I use Topaz filters and PS are just my “legs.” I use it for cropping, straightening, color adjustment. But the AI Sharpen and AI Denoise from Topaz are fantastic and I only use other Topaz filters (I have almost the whole set) mostly for light and color adjustments. Especially my Panasonic/Leica cameras (both of them) tend to be a bit too green. Olympus colors are the best, but often come out a bit dark. Fine for landscape, but not great for human skin. Portraits are still a whole separate style and I still love monochrome portraits best. They have soul.

      But what do you think? Is PS worth the money? I can I get it for $10/month — $120/year which is pretty much what it cost to buy and and trade it in ever two years. They were asking me for $40/month and there is NO way I could handle that.

      I’m told the newer versions of PS would let me do in seconds what now takes me a lot longer.


      • ooh sorry I am not the right person to ask as I do little if any editing of my photographs. The most usual is cropping with the occasional amendments to light settings.

        Have you tried asking David M? He’s probably the best to ask.


        • My son bought it for me, so regardless, now I have to use it. I’m still not sure about it because I too have been doing less editing unless I get into a playful mood and want to mess with effects. Moistly I sharpen or denoise if necessary and the rest is cropping and straightening. I am ALWAYS straightening because my left hand seems to drop just a bit. I hate crooked horizons. With some lenses, there’s can be a lot of barrel distortion which I sometimes straighten, depending on whether I think the picture needs it. The new Photoshop will open a closed eye — and THIS might really help because Garry is an eye closer. He ONLY does it when he’s really asleep OR when I’m taking his picture. I guess I’ll figure it out. The good news is that this will work on my Mac which has gotten very little use because I didn’t have photo software for it. I’m still not thrilled about it, but I am going to have to do something about software anyway since my software is about 15 years old and I think Microsoft is going to upgrade one more time and that will be the end of my ancient creaky old Adobe installation.


  2. Perfect squares ! O yes, this is a crazy month with Diwali just round the corner….so much to do. I go mad with the deep cleaning of the whole house. Today is the kitchen cleaning. Uff.

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    • I can barely keep up with light cleaning. The house is perfectly acceptable, but very dusty. Between dog hair and the debris from our woodland exterior — not to mention the MUD from all the rain — there’s no way this would ever be a really really clean house. I do my best.

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  3. So nice photos Marilyn.🌹❤🦋🐦😀


  4. HI Marilyn, October is a crazy month for me as the school has all the end of year functions before the examinations start. I feel like I run myself ragged as it’s also a busy time workwise. Time does seem to go faster and faster. The pandemic, work from home period seems to have all blurred into one long period of monotony in my head. I can’t even seem to separate the months.


    • I know that feeling well. I seems to me that since my birthday in 2020 which was also the first day of Lockdown here, it has been a blur of sameness. We haven’t gone anywhere or done anything — or at least very little. And people seem kind of withdrawn, almost like all that time alone changed them from what they had been to someone far more withdrawn. It’s a very strange world and I often feel like I feel out of a tree and I’m really suffering from some bizarre dream from which someday I will wake up. I know that between the start of COVID and now, people are different. Not necessarily in a bad way, but different. More internal. More worried.

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      • HI Marilyn, yes, I feel this change too. I think it is particularly sad in the youngsters who seem to be withdrawn and introverted. My younger work colleagues don’t want to be in the office now, they don’t miss going somewhere and mixing with people. The sameness seems to make time pass quicker and the days are less memorable somehow.


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