I’d have done this yesterday if I’d had the time and the energy, but I was dead weary and we got home with barely enough time to for me to cook something, eat it, for me to write something, and climb wearily into bed. I was so tired I remember getting in bed. After that? I was OUT.

Astonishingly, it’s the end of October. We finally got our glorious foliage just in time for the wind, rain, a major nor’easter with a full week of rain. By the time the weather dries out, there won’t be any leaves left. We were planning to go visiting at the end of the week, but a long drive in pouring rain doesn’t sound like fun. Garry doesn’t like driving these days. Neither do I. In a fit of meteorological irony, the last time we tried to make this trip, we got a hurricane instead.

We had gone almost a whole week without rain, so I was living in hope that it would dry out at least long enough for me to take some pictures of the long awaited foliage. While I did get a great look at it as we drove in and out of Boston, I only got a few pictures that I took this morning on our property because — IT’S RAINING. Again.

The Charles River is going to flood. When we were driving past it yeseterday, it was at the very top of its banks. I have never seen it that high and if we get as much rain as they are expecting, it will overflow and block Storrow drive — right at the tunnel where all the tall trucks, having ignored the warnings about height and tunnels, inevitably get stuck under the bridge. It’s a low point on the road and the Charles, which it run alongside Storrow, is actually lower than the river. I assume they raised the banks for exactly times like this. I think they didn’t raise the banks enough.

So, despite the rain, I went out and took few pictures of our woods. Even with the rain, the trees are beautiful and though there was no sun today, the water on the leaves makes them glow.

It rained all day yesterday, all day today. It will rain even more heavily through the night with increasing winds. We’ve had at least a dozen warnings from the town, the electric company, the weather services via Alexa, and Siri. Warning have come in every direction — phone calls, texts, talking machinery like Alexa and Siri. I’m sure in another hour we’ll get an update from someone, probably the electric company. We took the big wooden bird feeder down because if it gets windy, it would blow into someone else’s yard. It has the makings of a giant wind sock with hard edges.


Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building.

Why in the world would an old gal like me be doing in an abandoned building or dark forest? Hell, I live in a dark forest and I don’t go into it except at its edges. I am well past the curiosity of youth where abandoned buildings might be exciting and with no sense of direction, I would get lost in my own woods and never be seen again. So I would not be there. I would be here, in my house, with a light, a refrigerator, flushing toilet, and a very comfortable bed.

Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

I don’t know. I believe in the concept, but I’m not sure I believe in its reality. I suppose it’s possible, but it’s a bit theoretical for my belief system. Such as it is.

There are days where I’m convinced we are already living in an alternate universe. It’s the only thing that could possibly explain the nightmarish experience of these past four or five (?) years.

Would you ever go to a graveyard at night?

Yes. And I have done so, at least when I was young enough to go hopping around anywhere at night. These days, I’m serious about reclining furniture, not graveyards. But I’m not afraid of them. If ghosts exist, what business would they have with me?

What is the most frightening book you’ve ever read?

On The Beach. The book was written by Nevil Shute. The movie takes place in Australia after World War III. It was a very short war that was in the process of ending life on earth. If you didn’t get blown up in the original war, you were waiting to die of radiation poisoning. The movie isn’t frightening but it sure is depressing. Garry watches it because he likes the performances. I get gloomy thinking about it.

If you could have a spooky Halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), which would you pick out of the five choices?

Well now. A wolf would be great, but they are really BIG. I have met pet wolves and they are beautiful and friendly. Huge dogs that look like Siberian Huskies. Too big for me. Moreover, he’d wind up sleeping in the bed which would mean I’d have to go live elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure Garry would leave home if a rat moved in. I think bats are great, but I’m not sure about the whole housebreaking issue. An owl would be cool, but he would have to be a friend, not a pet. Owls need to fly and this house isn’t that big.

And so we have found our pet: one entirely black cat. I’ve owned black cats. I had a black Manx cat from kittenhood until he passed and others. We had many cats over the years. We don’t have one now, but that’s not because we don’t like them but because we can’t keep a cat indoors. Also, cats jump. When we had cats, I didn’t own anything that could be broken because if it could be broken, it was broken.

Mao E, our first cat – Photo: Ben Taylor

Since we stopped having cats when Big Guy passed — which would have been right before we moved here — I’ve gotten a lot of antique pottery and other fragile things that are incompatible with leaping cats. A cat might come again someday. I’m not ruling it out — but I don’t think so.

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  1. I first read “On The Beach” as a young woman and found it very sad. I related to it a lot because it was set in Australia and there was a lot about motor racing and Melbourne in it. I didn’t like the movie or mini series as much as the book though. I do like Neville Shute’s books even though they seem very dated today and his characters often seemed a little ignorant of the world but perhaps people were more like that then. I like several others too, “Round The Bend” “Beyond The Black Stump”, “Ruined City”. I haven’t read all his books but I’ve read quite a few of them. Not recently though. They are all stuck in a box in the garage at present.


  2. None of my cats (two of which were the seasonably appropriate black) really gave me much trouble with knocking stuff over. Ody’s a big cat who was never much for jumping, and especially not now that he’s getting into his senior years. Biskit was about as slender and lithe as a healthy cat could get, but I swear he could slink through a china shop for days and never knock a single thing over. Spilly….. he was trouble, but in more of a “I’m gonna jump up there and get in your candy bowl” kind of way… and then gak it all up from on high. A cat puke waterfall is a sight to behold….


  3. we are having a lot of rain here where I live also! It is sootheing to listen to it but I hated having to go out in it! Nice answers, Marilyn! xo


    • Right now, there’s rain everywhere, even in California and Arizona. I guess we are into the beginning of the wet period of climate change. It’s really WET around here. Every piece of wood is soaked and the ground is gooey mud. I hope we get enough dry weather so at least stuff begins to dry out.

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  4. Your yard/trees look so pretty. We have storms coming here to the FL Panhandle tonight. One more month of hurricane season and we can breathe a sigh of relief. You and Garry be careful out there–we don’t drive in the rain any more than we have to. And we try to make sure we don’t have to.


    • Garry would be happy to never drive at all. Clearly, given that there’s no public transport here, we don’t exactly have a choice, but the roads are always under construction, flooded, and right now, full of wet leaves are as slippery as ice. The people who don’t want to deal with climate change must have a lot more money than we do so other people take care of their immediate world. The rest of us? It’s just going to get worse. A totally sodden world.


  5. Thanks, Marilyn for Sharing Your World! My goodness! The photographs you have of fall foliage are beautiful all the same. I hope things ease off before the snow flies, but out here? That could be today. It’s been overcast since Sunday, and rainy, but very very cold. Today it’s overcast and it’s warmed up to the point that I BET snow is on the way. Plus my wonky bits are yelling at me, loudly. Mao was a beautiful cat, Siamese? I’m with you, it would be foolish of anyone who isn’t steady on their pins to go wandering about abandoned buildings or trotting about in a dark wood. There is a lot to be said about indoor plumbing, central heating and the rest too. It’s interesting what people have said in response to that question though. Not one T-dump sighting this time though. I thought Fandango would surely name him as the most horrifying etc etc, but nope. I find books that are written with an dystopian society at the core to be unreadable at this point. We’re THERE already, why depress myself more with more graphic descriptions of horror like some novels spread. I hope you get rested up and that you don’t get flooded! I’m sure the birds are missing their big feeder too, but chasing it sounds awful too. Have a great week!


    • I agree. I won’t read books that are too much like the reality we live in. Even thinking about it is depressing. Time travel is great, though — when people look back on the disastrous 21st century and remark on how WELL they are now doing. I like that much better, even if I’m not sure I believe it. At least I WANT to believe it.

      We are chilly, but not snow weather yet. If all this rain were snow, we’d be up to our eyeballs in snow which we might be anyway. Our front gate is so wet and swollen, the only thing we can do is replace it which would require money we don’t have, so it’s going to stay sealed shut probably until next summer. I hope it survives winter!

      We (not Garry — me and my first husband and friends — used to camp in a cabin in Maine every summer. No running water, but we had a propane fridge and stove and a wood stove for heat, so it wasn’t bad until you had to use the outhouse. I was always sure it was full of giant spiders. I never saw them, but I was SURE they were there.


  6. I enjoyed your answers Marilyn.


    • Thanks Sadje. I remember when weather was the background to our lives. Now, it has become a central figure in our world. We never know what is coming or how long it will last — or how much damage it will do. We’ve gone from unpredictable to completely wild, wet, and even wetter.

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  7. i LOVE those questionnaires…. and your replies to it. On a fun side note: Who needs cats when you have HH who does the same?! In fact, HH just swiped a glass of water across his working desk at the very moment I started typing here…. spookey? YEP, you bet. I jumped a meter high.


    • Garry moves very quietly and when I was writing for work or the one book I wrote, he would suddenly appear and I would lift right out of my chair. I was thinking about putting a bell around his neck so at least he would ring when he walked😎

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