I got up to go to the bathroom this morning and there was sunshine! Sadly by the time I finished washing my hands, the sun was gone. Now, it’s 2:30pm and it’s dark. It feels like evening.

The trees are still beautiful and my son spent a ton of money getting our brakes fixed so we could travel. Except we aren’t because it’s raining. Still and again.

A chipmunk and a House Finch can share, so why can’t humans?

As far as those really expensive brakes go, it’s because our Jeep isn’t a Jeep. It’s a Fiat 500 that is stamped “Jeep.” I like the car very much, but because it isn’t an American car, so any time we have to fix something — even a parking light — it costs scads of money. How do we KNOW it’s a Fiat 500? Because it’s says so on the door frame. Hard to ignore the stamp saying “Fiat 500, made in Italy.” I would never have noticed, but my son’s a gear head and he notices everything.

Since there’s no such thing as climate change (I heard this from someone on Fox so it must be true), I guess this bizarre weather is nothing to worry about. It has been raining pretty much every day since the end of May. It rained EVERY DAY in June and most days in July and August. Our summers are normally dry. We usually have only traces of rain from the end of May through late August-early September. By October, barring hurricanes, it’s usually the best weather of the year.

So when last week we got three whole days without rain, I thought maybe the siege was over. Until I saw the forecast and realized the Not Climate Change weather had returned. Since then, we’ve had three days of a nor’easter — basically a local hurricane. In the winter, we call them blizzards. Add to that two MORE days of heavy rain with an hour’s break early this morning during which time, the next round of leaden gray skies came for a long weekend visit. 

It makes traveling unattractive. I don’t actually mind rain when we after we arrive where we are going, but driving through rain makes Garry, who doesn’t want to drive anymore into a nervous wreck.

Oh bright maple!

I can drive, but I also have little events of vertigo which, if I can’t get my head down in a hurry, turns rapidly into passing out. I had one of these little events and passed out on my way home from the grocery. Luckily, there were no other cars involved and I was going slowly, so the car got damaged, but no animal or human was hurt. Unsurprisingly, this makes me reluctant to drive.

I’m not sure I should be driving and I’m pretty sure if I admitted that I fainted while driving, that would be the end of my license. While I rarely drive, I need to be able to use a car if I must. There’s no public transportation here — not even a taxi or an uber. 

I feel defeated. It cost so much more money to fix the car too and if we hadn’t been planning this little vacation, we’d have let them go until we could better afford to fix them.. The brakes weren’t exactly worn out, but they are the car’s original brakes. Six year old brakes are old which accounts for that nasty rumbling noise that screams “fix me.”

There are things I will let go (like a parking light), but brakes? Going is fine, but stopping is even more important.

We are home. Garry doesn’t feel up to a long drive through pouring rain. Meanwhile, my son gave me a permanent birthday present, the online version of Photoshop. I’ve been using the old one I have from the last job I worked — in 2010. I’m pretty sure a couple of Microsoft upgrades hence, it will give up and become a digital ghost.

Having finally decided to use it today, i discovered it’s pretty much the same program I’m already using, but honestly? I like the old one better. The differences are surprisingly minor. Ten years and this is as far as they have come?

Pasture and its gate

Using it is not very different than using the old one except that they don’t seem to have a way to put rulers along the edges. Maybe they do and I haven’t figured out how? Otherwise, though, all the functionality is pretty much the same. Exactly the same.

The interface is more complicated and even less user-friendly than it was. Adobe’s interfaces are as unfriendly as any in the business. But since I’ve been using it, I already know where they tuck tools. I’m hoping I find those rulers hiding under the color bar or something.

If I seem distracted, it’s because I am distracted. I also have a pile of books I’ve promised to read for authors I know and whose previous books I loved — and I feel like every day, I fall further behind.

At least I know I’m not going to have much trouble using Photoshop. It’s still the same clunky program it was 10 years ago, just with a lot more tools I’ll never use.

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  1. Fabulous photo! Have fun photoshopping… 😎 and, have a wonderful week!


  2. Marilyn, please stay in and play with the new Photoshop. I understand that you must drive to the store and doctors and such, but the thought of you passing out while driving scares the heck out of me. It’s been raining here for months, too. I have to drive to and from work, but otherwise I can manage to stay in – or at least I’ll be able to until we have to vacate for the sewer work. Several days in a hotel with Puppy Cody are definitely not going to be fun. (Explained in my post this week, if you haven’t already seen it: https://cordeliasmomstill.com/2021/10/29/when-the-house-itself-says-trick-or-treat/ )


    • I haven’t gotten a post from you in a long time, so I’d better check and see if we are still connected! WordPress seems to periodically delete followers and they NEVER admit it’s their fault. I’ll go take a look!


      • Ah, I wondered where you were! Your posts come up in my reader, so we’re still connected. But there are quite a few bloggers I haven’t heard from in awhile; guess I should take a look, too.


  3. I have bad eyesight but am still medically allowed to drive. But not in rain. I’m blinded by the headlights, I can’t judge the distances in rain and I’m generally less inclined to undertake a trip in rain if it’s not essential.


  4. No rains here now thankfully. It getting drier each day and leaves are falling everywhere which makes the whole lawn full of foliage by the end of the day. The first thing in the morning is to broom the front area and remove from the car rooftop and window screen.


  5. i love the rain, but driving in it is awful for me. the non-climate change believers just need to look around –


  6. We’ve had such a wet winter and spring. We’re a month out from summer and I’ve still got the winter doona on the bed, which I never even used last year. Today it was cold and I’m wearing a jumper and a cardigan over a 3/4 sleeve T-shirt.
    Last Saturday we had to drive to Oatlands to clean Naomi’s house. It rained heavily all the way there, all the way back. 7 hours of driving for Naomi. We’d taken the old car whose brakes need to be handled with care and he didn’t let us down, but Naomi said it was possibly some of the worse wet weather driving she’d ever had to do.


  7. I love the rain, but you’re right, driving in it is a nightmare. I have wanted to use photoshop since I started blogging, but it was always far too complicated and expensive. Having enough trouble learning Powerpoint!


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