FOTD – October 30 – Lily

I had beautiful lily last April. They are still beautiful, at least in pictures.

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  1. I bet they are pretty! This is the time when I wish I could see to enjoy the beauty of the flowers!


    • This year, the only flowers we could enjoy were on the deck in pots, or growing inside. The outdoor gardens got completely strangled by invasive vines. I’m not sure I’m even going to bother with the garden next year. Too much work, too little reward. Viewing at a garden in which your flowers have been strangled by invasive plants isn’t rewarding. Actually, it has gotten so ugly, I try to NOT look at it.

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  2. so perfect they look like an etching.


    • I wish I remember exactly HOW I got them to look like that. It was a lot filters working together, but for some reason, I didn’t save the settings. Stupid, eh?


      • no I can’t keep track either, but that is what makes life interesting~!


        • I always wonder how other people can find stuff. I haven’t been able to find a picture I didn’t take within the previous few months in years. It’s just a completely mess. I could EASILY cull 10,000 pictures from there and never miss them. But that takes time. And I’m so hating this task.


          • Ha I ordered three shirts, and proceeded to try them on and hang them up… hung the first two but could not find the third one anywhere.. Stumped~! after what seemed like hours I figured out that I had put the third one on to try them out~! That is a senior moment you usually do not tell anyone else about like finding your glasses on top of your head after looking all over for them.


            • My son — at 52 — already has plenty of senior moment. Turns out you don’t need to be very senior to have mental glitches. I like it best when I can’t find my glasses because I’m wearing them.


  3. Simply beautiful photos, some are quite sensual. Well-done, Marilyn


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