Fandango’s Provocative Question #142

Ah. Vaccination. For inexplicable reasons, despite having vaccinations as a standard part of medical care for at least 100 years and depending on what you call “vaccination,” much longer going back maybe thousands of years, suddenly, this is a hot issue.

FDR in his lifetime battled to help cure polio victims — before vaccination

When Pasteur came out with a viable vaccine for smallpox, there was no CDC. There were testing facilities. Medicine was as original as art and in a lot of ways, resembled art more than science. So Pasteur tested his little vaccine on his own family and willing friends, which was apparently more than enough testing because everyone was far more afraid of smallpox than of “vaccination.” In short order, everyone lined up and smallpox went away. For good and forever.

If they invented it now, half of the country would be waiting for massive testing and many would still refuse the vaccine. The world would still have smallpox and people would be dying of it by the tens of thousands. I’m pretty sure, had vaccinations of any kind been available for Bubonic Plague, no one would have questioned its efficacy, but of course it’s not a virus and there is no possibility of any vaccine — unless there’s some kind of breakthrough in medicine. But I’m sure lots of people would think it was created by DEMOCRATS who were trying to KILL THEM BY INJECTING THEM WITH LIBERAL CONCEPTS which, as we know, can kill you. Did you know ideas were lethal? Until recently, neither did I.

Vaccination at Dartmouth High School — a long drive, but worth it

We have become an international embarrassment. As most of the world desperately waits for the opportunity to get the vaccine, we act like vaccination is a trap. We’ll be injected with infinitely tiny transmitters to tell the government every boring detail of our dull lives. Folks, there are no transmitters that small. Actually, other than germs and viruses, nothing is that small but hey, let’s not let reality or truth get in the way of ideology. Or lies on Facebook. Or just plain lies from people who already got their vaccinations, but don’t want you to get yours.

If Salk created the polio vaccine today, we’d still be battling polio every summer. I remember when the vaccine came out. I was in first grade I think, Every kid in P.S. 35 lined up to get the shot. There were no exceptions. Every child was vaccinated as soon as the vaccines were available and polio pretty much vanished. Not as completely as smallpox, but close.

How thoroughly was the polio vaccine tested? Was there an FDA and CDC to give official approval? Did tens of thousands of mothers decide that the vaccine was more lethal then the horrors of polio? We were more intelligent back then. Polio was a terrifying disease and mothers were deeply grateful for the protection. Oh to again see sensible, intelligent people populating our country.

Garry has had his full vaccine load including his Pfizer booster. I tried to get a booster for Moderna, but the CDC hadn’t given its formal approval. So now, I have to make an appointment, though I think my vaccine — Moderna — has a longer lifespan than Pfizer. I hope so. I’ve been waiting for a while to get a booster.

I will get vaccinated as soon as I can. It’s certainly not for want of trying. You know what? Before the official confirmation of the CDC, I was ready. Apparently, having had major heart surgery and cancer twice, I didn’t the right official auto-immune disease. And I was only 74.

We live in have a nation full of batshit crazy people who refuse to protect themselves, friends, and family from a known killing disease. It is a kind of insanity not unlike what overtook the residents of Jonestown. I never expected to see a mass epidemic of that kind of stupid here. That craziness will be our destruction. If anyone survives the coming climactic and social catastrophes looming on our horizon and look back to the 21st century to figure out how this happened? They will shake their heads in wonderment at how stupid we were.

We COULD take care of our country, climate, roads and the needless suffering. We aren’t. That is about as shocking as anything could be.

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  1. I am mystified by this attitude. Every schoolchild, at least in my generation, learned the story of the invention of the smallpox vaccine. In those times people were happy to try something that would save them from illness and death. We all had to have smallpox shots before coming to Australia and nobody questioned it. I remember getting the polio shot at school. At our schools vaccinations were a yearly routine. It was where you got your tetanus, rubella, and TB shots usually. They didn’t have a shot for measles when I was a child. These days I suppose it wouldn’t be allowed. When did people become so stupid?


    • Ah, you’ve hit on the question I keep asking. HOW DID WE GET THIS STUPID? People used to talk about commonsense as if it were common. And sensible. Now? There isn’t anything common about sense. Everyone feels they can just make up a story and the more they repeat it, the more people believe it. There really IS no such thing as “an alternate story to the truth.” There’s truth and the rest ISN’T TRUE.

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  2. I agree with you about the vaccines, Marilyn. Peoples behaviour and non-vaccinating attitudes are just weird. Michael has been cleared for the vaccination tomorrow after months of illness and I am so grateful. It will be such a relief to know he has some protection against this killer disease.


    • They have made actually GETTING a booster so absurdly and needlessly complicated that I just gave up for the day. If I wait long enough, maybe they’ll pay ME to get the shot. I don’t understand anything anymore. We have all gone down the rabbit hole and are wondering if this is Wonderland — or what?

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  3. And the insanity continues as Virginia goes bright red, the NJ gubernatorial race is too close to call and things are looking bleak for the Dems to hold on to the Senate and the House in 2022. How stupid are we in America?


    • And then our new medical plan calls and asks me if I’m depressed. I point out that anyone who looks at the news and ISN’T depressed isn’t paying attention. Good lord, what a godawful mess we’ve made of our world. The U.S. is embarrassing. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

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